Same Mistakes

Victoria is an ordinary 16 year old girl. But little does she know, her life is about to change. After she finds out that One Direction will be doing book signing at her local shopping centre she persaudes her parents to let her go. Along with her best friend Jazzmine they plan the whole day and join the extremly long cue to meet the boys. Finally they reach the table and get there things signed. But when Victoria reaches Harry something clicks between them, and thats where the story beggins.

(This is my first Movella so I am really excited about it! I will except any comments and advice! Thanks xx)


1. The Big News.

Tori woke up to the sound of her arlarm buzzing. She moaned and rolled over hitting the snooze button on her clock. She was about to go back to sleep when her phone began to ring, playing "Live While We're Young". Jazzmines ringtone. She picked it up and answered quickly,"Hello?" she yawned sleepily. She was greeted by her friends loud cheerfull tone,"Guess What?!" Jazzmine gushed. Tori sat up and rubbed her eyes,"What?" she asked. There was a pause and then Jazzmine screamed,'ONE DIRECTION ARE DOING BOOK SIGNINGS AT THE MALL THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!". Tori clapped her hand over her mouth in excitement. She leapt up, standing on her bed, now fully awake,"OMD ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" she screamed back. She could hear her friend dancing around the room through the phone,'YESSSSSSS!" Jazz screamed back. As if on cue they both started screaming,"OMD OMD OMD OMD!!!!!!!!!!!!". There was a loud knock on Tori's door which pulled her from her fangirling moment."Tori!"came an annoyed voice. Her sister Rosie."Yes?" Tori replied sheepishly."Shut the Fuck Up" he sister snapped. There was the sound of her stomping down the hall. Tori groaned."Rosie?" Jazz asked from the phone,"Yer" Tori replied getting out of bed and walking over to the window to open the curtains. Jazz sighed,"Well I better go. Talk at school?" she asked her bubbly tone returning. It automatically made Tori feel happier as she began to remember the news about the signing,"Tots" Tori said,"Love you! Byeeeeeee","Byeeeee" Jazzmine said before they both hung up. Victoria plugged her iphone into her dock and began to play One Direction. She turned it up as loud as she dared and began to sing along, dancing crazily around her room."I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun!" she sang/screamed."I wanna stay up all night and find a girl and tell her she's the one!". She danced over to her wardrobe and opened it up grabbing a pair of purple short short and a black singlet. She also grabbed her black and purple converse and a hoody. She quickly got dressed and grabbed her phone from the charger, reluctantly turning off the music. She skipped down the stairs in an extremly good mood. She walked into the kitchen where her parents and sister sat. Her dad looked up,"Morning Possum" he said smiling at her,"You seem like your in a pretty good mood? Any particular reason?". Tori spun around and skipped over to the breakfast table grabbing a peice of toast and shoving it into her mouth. Rosie shot he a glare. "If looks could kill!" she muttered poking her tongue out at her sister. She turned to her dad,"Well, maybe its because..." she lept up,"ONE DIRECTION ARE HAVING A BOOK SIGNING THIS SATURDAY AT THE MALL!!!!!" she screamed dancing from the room. Her parents were left stunned and they just shrugged. Tori went to the bathroom and did her teeth and straightened her hair. She applied a thin layer of foundation and some mascaa before grabbing her bag. She walked to the front door,"Cya everyone!" she called out in the direction of the kitchen. She closed the front door walking down her driveway. She ran to the bus-stop and waited. When it arrived she jumped on board and saw her boyfriend, Jarrah, waving for he to come over. She smiled and walked down the aisle taking a seat next to him,"Hey baby" she said kissing him softly. He smiled,"Hey" he replied. They talked until the bus stopped at the front of the school. They got off the bus and walked through the school gates holding hands. When Tori spotted Jazzmine waiting for her she let go of Jarrah's hand and ran to her best friend jumping onto her back to surprise her. Jazzmine screamed and then hugged Tori,"Excited about Saturday?" she asked smiling broadly. Tori nodded as Jarrah cam over to greet them,"Hey Jazz" he said,"Heeeyyyyy" she replied. She was about to say something else when the bell sounded. Tori turned to Jarrah,"I'll see you later right babe?" she asked draping her arms around his neck. Jarrah wrapped his arms around her waist,"You bet" he smirked pulling her in for a long kiss. Jazz crossed her arms and tapped her foot,"Paleeeeezzzz you guys! Don't rub it in that you are actually in relationship!". They came apart and Jarrah messed up Jazzmine's hair playfully,"Nawwwww don't worry! You'll find someone!". Jazz smiled,"Hope so!" she said. They said goodbye and walked to class chattering excitedly. When they walked into their classroom everyone was already seated. They were late.....Again. Tori sighed slumping down in her seat next to Jazzmine. Everyone glared at them and snickered. It was a fact that Tori and Jazzmine were not the most popular girls in the class. Yes they were pretty. Yes they were smart, yes they were good at school, but people just seemed to have a reason to hate them that they weren't really sure about. Just as Jazzmine went to sit down, chair was pulled out from under her by the boy behind them. Jazzmine smacked onto the ground hitting her head against the desk behind them. Tori emediantly stood up and turned to glare at the people behind them,"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?!" she yelled. Jazzmine moved her hand to the back of her head and gasped when she saw her hand. She was bleeding. Tori saw and lost it. She had always felt protective of Jazzmine even though she was the younger of the two. She turned around and smashed her fist into the boys face.

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