Summer Love isn't forver </3

Lilliana Flores a sixteen year old girl is on vacation with her family in Long Beach,California.She thinks it is gonna be just another boring summer untill she meets Harry Styles.They have a summer fling & decide to keep it a secret but what happens when Harry and four of his best mates moves to Lilliana's home town?Will they continue their romance or does he completely forget all about Lilliana & their summer love?


5. You?

*Six months later*

Lilliana's P.O.V.

             It's been six months already and things have changed for the better.I dyed my hair a reddish burgundy color and cut my hair.Since my summer with Harry I've become very confident of myself.I stopped being the quiet one and now i could never shut up!El,Ash.Dani & Perrie don't mind since they're very loud as well.My seventeenth birthday is coming up and every year we have a huge sleepover at my house.Ashley said she had some big news for us and we're all super excited!

*Sleepover time*

             All the girls had arrived and we were dying to hear Ash's news!"Out with it woman!What's the big super important news!"I yelled excited.All the girls laughed and finally Ashley began to talk."Kay so you all now how i have a cousin Louis right?"Ashley started."Yeeeaaaah!"We all said in unison."Well him and four of his best mates are coming to spend the rest of the school year and summer here!"she exclaimed.We were all supper happy to met Ashley's cousin Louis since we heard so much about him."When are they coming?"asked Perrie."Their leaving today and coming tomorrow"Ashley replied."Why is he bringing four guys?"asked Dani a little confused."Well he's in a band called 'one direction' but they haven't made it big yet and they all decided to come because they've been joined at the hip since they all met and they didn't want Louis to leave so there parents are letting them come."Ashley explained."Kay so there coming tomorrow?What are their names?"I asked."Well i'm not so sure and yes their coming tomorrow and my mom is trusting me to go get them from the airport so will you guys come with me please please pleeeeeaaase?!"Ashley begged."Alright"we all responded.

*The next day*

              "Geeeet up early in the morning cause we gotta go pick up some guys we don't even know from the airport!"Perrie sang all around the house.She has a beautiful voice but uses it to wake us up instead of entertaining people."Come on Lilliana get your butt up now!"they all screamed into my room."Or do we have to get the bucket again?"Eleanor said."Nope!No need for that i'm up kay?"I said a little panicked "I'm not so convinced what about you girls?"said Dani "Noope"the girls replied."I'm up eaaaaarly in the morning"I sang making my way to the bathroom.I have an ok voice but not as good as Perrie's.I put on a black v-neck shirt my favorite white hoodie skinny jeans and my caramel colored uggs since it was kinda cold outside.I brushed my hair out and flat ironed it.After half an hour we were all ready to leave.We blasted music on the way there and tried to sing along to each song we could.After ten minutes of driving,singing and laughing we finally arrived.Once we got there Ashley seen a slightly tall boy with Justin Bieber looking hair and bright blue eyes."Looouis!"Ashley yelled.He didn't hear her though which surprised  me because Ashley yells loud!"Ok girls on the count of three we yell superman"Ashley said."Are you sure he'll turn around?"said Perrie."Of course he makes everyone call him that come on just do it!"Ashley responed."Okay"we all said unsure."1...2...3...Suuuuuuuuupeeeeeeermaaaaaan!"we all yelled loudly."Somebody needs help"Louis said turning around and facing Ashley."Assshleey!"he yelled.Wow he responded to superman but not his own name?Weird child."Hey Lou these four lovely ladies are my best friends Lilliana a.k.a Lilli"Ashley started off."Hi we've heard a lot about you"I said before shaking his hand."Perie a.k.a we don't know a nickname for her yet"Ashley said."Hi"Perrie said shyly before shaking his hand."This is Danielle a.k.a Dani"Ashley went on."Hello"Dani said shaking his hand."And this is Eleanor a.k.a El"Ashley finished.I could tell they liked each other by the way they looked at each other."Hi" Eleanor said shly while extending her hand.They were smiling and staring at each other."Awww"we all said teasing them."Shut up"El said blushing bright red."Where are the rest of the boys"I asked curious."Oh Hey boys over here!"Louis yelled to four boys carrying bags."This is Niall the irish one,Liam the smart one,Zayn the vain one and Harry the flirty curly haired one."said Louis.Harry...Harry... I kept looking at the culry haired boy who was so lost in his phone.He didn't even recognize me.

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