Summer Love isn't forver </3

Lilliana Flores a sixteen year old girl is on vacation with her family in Long Beach,California.She thinks it is gonna be just another boring summer untill she meets Harry Styles.They have a summer fling & decide to keep it a secret but what happens when Harry and four of his best mates moves to Lilliana's home town?Will they continue their romance or does he completely forget all about Lilliana & their summer love?


9. Necklaces and memories

-Necklaces and memories-

*The Next Day*

I woke up this morning feeling oddly happy.I got up and showered while singing loudly."Liliana Rosalinda Marie Flores will you shut up I'm trying to sleep!"my sister yelled.I hated it when she used my full name."Okay okay calm your nuts!"I responded.I got out and picked out some light sky blue skinny jeans a black v-neck and my caramel colored leather jacket with my uggs.I straightened my red hair which is starting to fade and put on my lucky gold necklace.I went downstairs and ate some breakfast then grabbed my backpack and walked to school.Well this should be a good day.I hope...

Harry's P.O.V

I got to school ready to end whatever was going on with me and Chelsea since she was a bigger flirt then I am.I walked in to find her making out with some guy.Well that was easier then I thought...

I walked to first period with the guys and greeted the girls.That necklace Liliana was Wearing looked oddly familiar.Wait I know!

"That's a beautiful necklace Liliana."I said looking at the gold chain around her neck."Thanks I got it for my quincenera"she replied looking at the necklace."What's a quincenera?"I  asked having trouble with the word."It's a fifteenth birthday party it's party of my Hispanic culture"she stated proudly."Your Hispanic?"I questioned."Yes I was made in Spain but my family moved to London when I was still in my mom's belly for my dad's job"she replied."I think I know what I'm going to get you to remember me by"I said cheekily."And what would that be?"she said looking at me curiously."A 'made in spain' shirt"I said smirking."You cheeky boy"she said laughing."But I'm your cheeky boy"I said leaning in to kiss her."And don't you forget it"she replied smirking and leaning in to kiss me too.
-Flashback over-
"Uh Lily can I talk to you?"I said."Um sure"she replied unsure.We walked away from the group to the corner of the gym."Long Beach"I simply stated."It's a beach in California now what's this about Harry?"she replied nervous."Your that girl from Long beach"I replied."Oh thanks Harry nice to know I'm just 'that girl from Long Beach' to you"she replied angrily."No you know I didnt mean it like that!If you knew who I was why didn't you tell me!"I yelled angrily."Well I was going to tell you but you seemed more interested in getting to know Chelsea to care!"she spat at me."No no no don't try to blame this on me!How do you expect me to recognize you when you ruined your beautiful auburn hair and dyed it red and look totally different!"I replied."Well excuse me for wanting to change my look a little Harry!What I do to MY hair isn't a concern to you!Especially when it isn't permanent dye thank you very much for asking!"she yelled."Please just don't be mad at me ok?I really do care about you and I really want to go back how things were in Long Beach."I said calmer."I don't know Harry"she said unsure."Please Lili be my girlfriend?"I asked hopefully."Harry come over here babe!"yelled an awfully perky annoying voice.I turned to see Chelsea walking over to me."Haha why don't you go with your girlfriend Harry"said a very hurt and angry Liliana."I'm not with her though!"I said angry."Yes you are babe we are together"said Chelsea while glaring at Lili."Okay first of all we are not together at all so what if I made out with you it meant nothing and I mean NOTHING!Second of all don't look at Liliana that way."I yelled at Chelsea."This is all your fault you whore!You took my boyfriend from me!"Chelsea yelled at Lili."Haha you think I want Harry?Bitch please I already had him way before you did so go have fun with my leftovers but just know every time he calls you pretty he called me beautiful every time he says he likes you he told me he loved me and every time he kisses you he'll be thinking of me!But if you wanna be stupid and fall for his game go ahead!Just know he didn't even know how to play it until he met me"Liliana yelled at Chelsea.Wow that hurt."Your just jealous cause he wants me!"Chelsea yelled trying to defend herself."Oh really now?Well then why did he ask ME to be his girlfriend and not you Pinche puta pendeja!"Lili yelled I didn't understand the last three words but Cynthia and the girls did because once they heard that they came over. 

Liliana's P.O.V

He was hurt.I could tell but right now I just wanted to hurt that bitch Chelsea."Prima que paso?"asked Cynthia.(Translation : Cousin what happened?")"This bitch over here is trying to start shit!"I yelled."Bitch please you started it"said Chelsea while smirking."You started but at least I'll have the balls to end it."I yelled back.I didn't even give her a chance to talk before I punched her.Before I knew I was on top of her punching her face while she was just slapping me.Someone tried to get me off but that only made it worse.She was still on the floor and I was up so I may have kicked her in the stomach."Lili stop already!"yelled Harry."No Harry just shut the fuck up!There will never ever be an 'us' again so just leave me alone."I yelled than ran out of the gym.I didn't know where I was going all I knew was I wanted to be far away from everyone.
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