Summer Love isn't forver </3

Lilliana Flores a sixteen year old girl is on vacation with her family in Long Beach,California.She thinks it is gonna be just another boring summer untill she meets Harry Styles.They have a summer fling & decide to keep it a secret but what happens when Harry and four of his best mates moves to Lilliana's home town?Will they continue their romance or does he completely forget all about Lilliana & their summer love?


6. Lazy Day

-Lazy Day-

Harry's P.O.V

    "Harebear will you get off your phone and say hi"Louis yells at me.I look up and see five very pretty girls.One of them looks oddly familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it."Hi"  I say looking back down at my phone.My ex girlfriend Daisy who broke up with me two years ago was texting me wanting to get back together.I didn't like her anymore and I was trying to get that point across to her but she just doesn't wanna give up!I decided to turn off my phone and put it away.When I looked up all eyes were on me."What's up guys?"I asked."Well finally Hazza decided to join the conversation"say Liam with a hint of annoyance in his voice."We should get back to my place"says Louis' cousin Ashley?"Sounds good"says Niall.

Lilliana's P.O.V

I can't believe he doesn't recognize me!Well I wouldn't blame him with my new hair color even the girls didn't recognize me.We all piled into Ashley's mom's van guys in the back and girls in the front.Eleanor who was in the passenger seat turned on the radio and international love by pitbull and Chris brown was on and the girls and I yelled in unison "THIS!"We all started singing "You put it down like New York city I never sleep!Wild like Los Angeles my fantasy!Hotter than Miami I feel the heat!Oh whoa girl this international love!Oh whoa this international love!" when we finished singing or should I say yelling the chorus we heard laughing.Oh god we completely forgot about the boys in the back.The girls and I looked at each other red faces with embarresment and started bursting out in fits of laughter.Once we got home the boys got settled in and the girls and I decided to make popcorn and brownies for a movie day.We made a lot since Ashley eats for twenties and according to Louis so does Niall.Once we were done we put everything on the coffee table."So what movie should we watch?"asked Louis.Us girls who were on the couch sitting together in two huge blankets looked at each other and yelled in unison "SCARY!"The boys who were on the floor looked at each us like we were crazy."But it's daylight out it's not scary enough!"complained Eleanor."Girls you know the drill!"I said looking at the rest of the girls.We all got up went into the hallway closet grabbed some blankets closed the blinds and hung the blankets over the windows.Now it was completely dark except for the lamp."Better?"Perrie asked Eleanor."Much!"replied Eleanor with a huge grin on her face.We decided on Paranormal activity and laughed throughout the whole movie while the boys were clinging to each other for dear life.The movie ended and I got up and turned on the lights.The scene in front of me was hilarious!Louis was on Harry's lap in a curled up in a ball while Niall and Liam were holding on to each other and Zayn was holding onto Liam's leg!Aw too cute once they realized the girls and I were laughing at them they released each other and cleared their throats."Well that wasn't scary at all"complained Dani."Agreed"said Perrie."Are you kidding?!" the boys said in unison."So what movie next?"The Vow!"Eleanor and Ashley yelled at the exact same time."Oh yea Channing Tatum time!"said Dani Perrie and I in unison.The boys looked at us like we were crazy.When the movie was over the girls and I were sobbing."If I woke up from a coma and Channing Tatum said he was my husband I wouldn't question it I would go along with it!"I complained."I hear you sister!"said Louis.We all burst into fits of laughter."How bout some truth or dare?"asked Dani."Yes"we all yelled.The boys turned around and faced us."Ok I'll start um Harry truth or dare!"yelled Ashley."Um dare!"said Harry."I dare you to drink five spoons of hot sauce!"said Ashley.We all laughed at Harry's unsure face.Eleanor walked into the kitchen grabbed a spoon and hot sauce.Harry swallowed all of them and ran to the kitchen for water.We all laughed and Harry came back with a semi wet shirt and a made expression which mad us laugh more."My turn um Eleanor truth or dare"Harry said."um dare"said Eleanor bravely."I dare you to go in the middle of the street holding up traffic singing 'hit me with your best shot''said Harry."Piece of pie"responded Eleanor skipping into the middle of the street."Hit me with your best shot!why don't you hit me with your best shot!Fire away!"screamed Eleanor dancing in front of the cars trying to get through.We all laughed and I had tears in my eyes.We decided to cut the game short when they threatened to call the cops.We went back inside and talked."So how did you guys become a band?"asked Perrie."We were all put together on the x-factor"responded Zayn."what season?"asked Eleanor."Seven I think it was"replied Liam."Oh we didn't watch that one"replied Dani."Kay well I hate to cut this short but we have school tomorrow and I still have homework so imma head home Lina you need a ride?"asked Eleanor.She called me Lina sometimes i don't know why.I checked my phone and it was already eight!Time flies when your having fun."Yes please!"I responded."Perrie and I are gonna get home too"said Dani."Kay well by girls see you tomorrow!"said Ashley."Bye" said all the boys."Bye night guys!"we replied.Once me and Eleanor were in her car she asked me "Is it just me or does that boy Harry look like the boy you described to me as you summer love?" "Well that's cause he is"I replied looking down."Why didn't you talk to him or ask him if he remembered you?"she asked."If he doesn't remember then he doesn't remember and it will stay that way"I said stubbornly."But Lina!"Eleanor  complained."No buts it's gonna stay that way end of discussion!"
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