Summer Love isn't forver </3

Lilliana Flores a sixteen year old girl is on vacation with her family in Long Beach,California.She thinks it is gonna be just another boring summer untill she meets Harry Styles.They have a summer fling & decide to keep it a secret but what happens when Harry and four of his best mates moves to Lilliana's home town?Will they continue their romance or does he completely forget all about Lilliana & their summer love?


10. Jealousy

-Jealousy- Liliana's P.O.V. I ran to the back of the field in the school and sat by a tree.I cried and cried and cried.&quot;Are you ok?&quot;I heard someone say.It was Jorge.I used to have a little okay well big crush on him in freshman year but I got over it.He's now one of my best guy friends and we're really close since him Cynthia and I are the only Hispanics at this school.&quot;Oh hey Jorge yea I'm fine&quot;I responded wiping my tears.&quot;No your not Lili tell me&quot;he said seeing through my lie.&quot;It's this guy he means nothing&quot;I responded fiddling with my hands and looking down.&quot;Lili if it was nothing would you be crying right now?Your this badass girl who in the four years I've known you I've never seen you cry&quot;he said and lifted up my face to look at him.I looked into his big brown eyes and felt better somewhat.&quot;Please just hug me and let me cry I don't wanna talk about it&quot;I begged.He wrapped his arm around me and I was sobbing into his chest.It felt nice to just sit and cry having someone you trust comforting you.&quot;Lili thank god there you are!&quot;I heard El say.I looked up and all the girls were there.&quot;Um I think I'ma go&quot;said Jorge.&quot;I'll meet you in second period yea?&quot;I asked Jorge.&quot;Yea I'll see you there&quot;he said and hugged me then left.&quot;Lili are you ok?&quot;asked Cynthia.&quot;Yea I cried it all out&quot;I said wiping my eyes.&quot;Well you sure did put Chelsea in her place&quot;said Perrie.&quot;Yea you went all Kung Fu on that bitch!&quot;said Ashley cheerfully.I couldn't help but laugh.&quot;Where are the boys?&quot;I asked.&quot;In the gym talking to Harry&quot;said Dani.&quot;Oh&quot; I said kinda sad.&quot;Lili how about we get your make up fixed and go back in the gym&quot;suggested El.&quot;Alright&quot;I said getting up.I don't know if I can face Harry but I have to try.I have no idea how I'm gonna be able to deal with Chelsea.I have serious anger issues and I can snap at any second so that's not very good. I walked in to the bathroom washed my face and put on some mascara and baby lips.I walked out with the girls and we interlocked hands and walked into the gym.I acted if that whole incident never happened and put a fake smile on my face.I went to my spot to sit down for role call.&quot;Lilliana&quot;said the gym teacher.&quot;Here&quot;I called back faking happiness.&quot;Um Mr.Reyes I got a schedule change and I'm now in your class for first period.&quot;said Jorge as he walked in.My face lit up seeing him and I got butterflies in my tummy.Oh no no no I can't be falling for him again.&quot;Alright Jorge go sit next to Lilliana since it's in ABC order&quot;responded Mr.Reyes.He smiled at me then walked over.&quot;So we meet again&quot;I said smiling.&quot;Apparently&quot;he said smiling right back at me.We talked and laughed all through first period and I noticed Harry staring at us but I ignored him.&quot;So I got bad news&quot;said Jorge looking down.&quot;What?&quot;I asked worried.&quot;I'm moving back to East L.A. in two weeks.My dad got relocated back over there&quot;he said.&quot;Aw I'm really gonna miss you Jorge but I have an aunt that lives over there so I'll visit you during the summer&quot;I said sadly.&quot;Pinky promise?&quot;he said holding out his pinky.&quot;I pinky promise&quot;I said.&quot;Um Lilli Austin is throwing a party on friday and I was wondering if you'd go with me?&quot;he asked shyly.&quot;I'd love too.Pick me up at eight alright?&quot;I said getting up.&quot;Okay&quot;he said sounding relieved.I walked over and intruded on the girls and boy's conversation.&quot;Wait I don't get it if you guys are in a band and have a record deal why are you in school?&quot;asked El totally confused.&quot;Management wanted us to finish school before we start recording albums and touring and stuff and we came here since it's such a small town and you guys haven't heard of us so we don't get mobbed by fans&quot;explained Liam.&quot;Look who decided to join us everyone it is Lilliana Rosalinda Marie Flores the queen of soccer.&quot;said Ashley while clapping.&quot;Yea so bow down cause you all my bitches!&quot;I said playing along.&quot;I'm the queen honey so bow down to me filthy peasant!&quot;yelled Louis.&quot;Wow with that attitude you won't be going to Austin's party on Friday&quot;I responded innocently.&quot;I'm just kidding!So about this party?&quot;asked Louis.&quot;Well Jorge told me Austin's having a party on Friday&quot;I said.&quot;Is that all Jorge said?&quot;said Dani.&quot;We'll talk about this later&quot;I said smiling.&quot;Lili can I talk to you?&quot;asked Zayn.&quot;Alright&quot;I said.We walked away from everyone.&quot;Wassup Homie&quot;I said.He chuckled then said &quot;I need your help&quot;.&quot;With what?&quot;I asked.&quot;I wanna ask Perrie to be my girlfriend but I'm too shy.&quot;he said scratching the back of his neck.I looked over to where everyone was and Harry had jealousy all over his face.&quot;Well lucky for you Perrie likes the shy ones so just go for it alright&quot;I said smirking.&quot;Thanks Lilli your a big help&quot;Zayn replied.We walked back and the bell rang.I walked to music class with Jorge talking about the song he wrote and how it's a duet.My part is more of a rap but I really liked the song so I agreed.&quot;Ms.Pride Lilli and I have a song we want to preform.&quot;asked Jorge.&quot;Alright go ahead.&quot;she responded.Jorge put on the beat from his laptop and started the song. &quot;Baby I just can't seem to get you off of my mind you with him but I know you thinking bout me all of the time baby you know I got your love right here so come back to me baby yea yea...&quot;he sang as I waited for my part to come on.I started rapping my part. &quot;You say you think about me well baby where you been?Always catch you like a habit you were my forgiving sin,it started with a break-up then we gotta play pretend,waited,now I'm taken so you wanna be my man?I admit I think about you but you come with so much heartache,it kill me even more that we chose to even part ways,my heart breaks to see you and I didn't wanna leave you and so every time I see you start feeling like I need you,afraid that if I give us a try it won't work it gets harder to remember why we parted so I hurt,I wanna take this chance if you'll promise that we'll last,forever and always,and i'll be with you so fast,jump into your arms and I'll never let you go,cause what we have is special so I couldn't let it ago and every time we leave this is what is does do all I'm trying say is I really do love you&quot;I finished and Jorge continued.I looked at Harry and he had jealousy written al over his face.&quot;That was a really great song you two&quot;said Ms.Pride clapping,&quot;You two should preform it for the talent show&quot;.&quot;I think we should&quot;I said smiling at Jorge.&quot;That's a great idea&quot;he said back.We went back to our seats and Perrie asked me &quot;What did Zayn talk to you about?&quot;.&quot;Well he did say something about wanting to ask you out&quot;I said casually.&quot;Oh my gosh really?&quot;Perrie squealed.&quot;Yes now calm your nuts I'm trying to pay attention&quot;I said laughing.&quot;So what else did Jorge say?&quot;she said smirking.&quot;Well he just asked me to go Austin's party with him&quot;I said simply.I heard coughing from behind me and when I turned around Harry was stating straight at me.Oh crap he just heard everything I said. Harry's P.O.V I can't believe she's going to Austin's party with that guy!Okay yes I am jealous but I have a reason to be.I love Lilli and I know she still loves me,I just gotta figure out how to get her to be mine again... *Author's Note Please Read* Okay so the song used in this chapter is called &quot;Always on my mind&quot; by Baeza he's an upcoming rapper so look him up on YouTube.The song used two chapters ago is called &quot;A thousand years&quot; by Christina Perri.Well I picture Lilli as Ariana Grande before and after she dyed her hair red and Ashley is more of a Bridget Mendler type look a like.Austin is well Austin Mahone and Cynthia is like Ashley Benson.I picture Jorge as this upcoming rapper on YouTube named &quot;Domz&quot;.If you've never heard of him look him up on YouTube or google to get an idea of what he looks like.Chelsea I think is more of a Vanessa Anne Hudgens (not that I have a problem with her this is for the story only) The boys are still young so they look like they did when they were on the x-factor and Danielle Perrie and Eleanor look the same.I hope this gives you an idea of the characters and keep reading! &lt;3
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