Summer Love isn't forver </3

Lilliana Flores a sixteen year old girl is on vacation with her family in Long Beach,California.She thinks it is gonna be just another boring summer untill she meets Harry Styles.They have a summer fling & decide to keep it a secret but what happens when Harry and four of his best mates moves to Lilliana's home town?Will they continue their romance or does he completely forget all about Lilliana & their summer love?


4. Home sweet home

Lilliana's P.O.v

     We finally arrived in Cheshire and I was exhausted from the flight.I really miss Harry but I was glad to be back home.When I got home I threw my suit case in my room and ran across the street to my best friend Eleanor's house.I told her everything that happened this summer and she sat there completely shocked.I wasn't really one to take risks but she was happy that I did.We called Perrie,Danielle, and Ashley to come to Eleanor's house so we could catch up.Eleanor,Perrie,Daniella,Ashley and I have been friends for as long as I could remember.I met Perrie,Dani and Ash in preschool and I've lived across the street from Eleanor my whole life!We're all basically sisters.The rest of the girls were completely shocked as well.They decided to let me go home and rest since I was still pretty tired from the flight.I got home and sank into my bed with Harry still on my mind.I smiled at the memories and drifted into a deep sleep.

Harry's P.O.V

   I arrived home and was greeted by my four best mates Liam,Louis,Niall and Zayn.I told them about Lilliana and they were shocked since I wasn't the relationship type.

"Do you know where she's from?" asked Zayn.

"You told this girl you love her even though your never gonna see her again?" questioned Liam.

Liam being his overprotective responsible self again.I hated how sometimes he tried to act like my dad it really annoyed me.

"Im not quite sure she said Cheshire but i'm not sure what area but I will see her again,her family goes to Long Beach every summer and my mom said we'll be going again this summer too" I replied.

We all played video games and each time Louis would win and yell "Suuuuupeeeeermaaaaan" and run around acting like an airplane.The boys left half an hour later cause I was tired from the long flight.I slept dreaming of Lilliana wanting to see her again.I needed to see her again.I couldn't wait till next summer what if I forget about her?No I will never forget that beautiful girl with her wavy auburn hair.She was an angel sent from heaven,my angel and I promised her I would never forget her.A promise is a promise and I will never break this special one.
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