Summer Love isn't forver </3

Lilliana Flores a sixteen year old girl is on vacation with her family in Long Beach,California.She thinks it is gonna be just another boring summer untill she meets Harry Styles.They have a summer fling & decide to keep it a secret but what happens when Harry and four of his best mates moves to Lilliana's home town?Will they continue their romance or does he completely forget all about Lilliana & their summer love?


11. Girl's day

-Girl's day- Lilliana's P.O.V. So the girls and I decided to have a girls day cause Dani and El had something to tell us.We walked to my house and made brownie cake pops then put on Netflix.&quot;What should we watch?&quot;I said looking through the selections.&quot;Pretty little liars!&quot;said Cynthia and Ashley at the same time.I laughed and put it on.I turned it down a bit so us girls could talk.&quot;So what did Jorge say?&quot;asked Dani while wiggling her eyebrows.&quot;He asked me to go Austin's party with him and I said yea&quot;I shrugged.&quot;Are you for reals?!&quot;yelled Cynthia excited.&quot;Yea it's not a big deal Cynthia calm your nuts&quot;I said calm.&quot;Um last time I checked freshman year you kept saying you would die if he asked you out but now that it's happened you are totally calm?!&quot;said Ashely then put her backhand to my forehead.&quot;Are you sick?Do you need to go to the hospital&quot;she continued.I laughed and looked at Eleanor and she didn't look to happy.&quot;What's up El?&quot;I asked.&quot;Nothing, well it's just I was kinda hoping you'd get back with Harry.&quot;she said fiddling with her thumbs.&quot;El we have been over this Harry was just a summer thing nothing serious and besides he made his choice,he'd rather get an STD with Chelsea then be with me&quot;I shrugged.Ashley laughed at the last part then realized I was completely serious then shut up.&quot;But Lilli he tried to make it up to you at the gym!&quot;she protested.&quot;And what happened?Chelsea came and ruined it then got kicked in the stomach by one of the best soccer players eveeeer!&quot;I said chuckling at the last part.&quot;Shortest too&quot;added Perrie laughing.&quot;Hey not fair its not my fault I'm 5'2 and a half!&quot;I said defending myself.&quot;A half?Lilli don't lie to yourself!&quot;said Dani laughing.&quot;I really did grow half an inch I mean come on I'm not short I'm funsized!&quot;I retorted.The girls just laughed at me while I pouted like a little kid.&quot;So what did you two wanna tell us?&quot;asked Cynthia looking at Dani and El.&quot;Oh right Liam asked me on a date Saturday night&quot;Dani squealed.&quot;That's awesome Dani,I could tell he really likes you&quot;I said smiling at her.&quot;What about you El?&quot;Perrie asked.&quot;Lou asked me to be his date to Austin's party&quot;she said smiling big.&quot;Yeess!I knew it Ash you owe me 20&quot;I said laughing.&quot;You bet that Lou would ask me out?&quot;El asked half defensive half laughing.&quot;Well yea I mean it was bound to happen ever since that day at the airport,you two were basically drooling over each other&quot;I said shrugging.She laughed while her face turned red from blushing.The other girls couldn't stop laughing while I just kept eating.&quot;So that means now Dani and El are officially part of the new couples in town.&quot;said Perrie.&quot;Your not to far behind PerPer&quot;I said winking at her.She blushed and the girls laughed.&quot;How about you and Jorge,Lilli?&quot;asked Cynthia winking.&quot;I don't know after these past four years he's become more of a best friend than a boyfriend,you know?I mean don't get me wrong he is totally hot but he's more of a friend&quot;I replied.&quot;Does that mean Harry has a chance?&quot;asked El hopefully.&quot;I honestly don't know I mean I just wanna live my life it's senior year I wanna be able to have fun,party, go on the cool trips&quot;I said.&quot;But you could do all that with Harry&quot;protested Eleanor.&quot;I don't know El if it's meant to be it'll happen but for right now it's end of discussion okay?&quot;I said.&quot;Alright&quot;she mumbled.&quot;So can we tun it up?Pretty little liars is getting good&quot;said Ashley.I laughed then turned it up. -Two hours later- The girls and I decided to go shopping for outfits for the party on Friday.We arrived at the mall and went to Rue 21,WetSeal,Forever 21,Hollister,TopShop and Aeropostale.We got something from each shop untill our outfits were complete.I decided to go cute but casual in pink floral print skinny jeans and a soft pink v-neck with a light colored Jean jacket and ankle-length black boots.I also got a bracelet with the infinity sign,a necklace with a sliver heart on it.I grabbed some other things to like a shirt that said 'cool story bro' and all of us girls got matching shirts that said 'thing 1' thing 2' thing 3' 'thing 4' 'thing 5' and 'thing 6'.I also got a black leather jacket that stopped I little before my belly button.We were walking when I saw a store where you could get piercings and tattoos.&quot;Oh my gosh wouldn't it be so cute if I got my lip pierced!&quot;I squealed.&quot;Um no you would probably cut any one who would try and kiss you&quot;said Perrie laughing.&quot;Nuh-uh I would so get my lip pierced with you Lilli!&quot;said Cynthia.&quot;Alright then come on let's go!&quot;I said grabbing Cynthia's hand and walking over to the &nbsp;store.I turned to see the rest of the girls were walking to starbucks.Typical.Only Cynthia and I wanna have fun!&quot;Hey look they have fake lip piercings to see how you would look&quot;said Cynthia looking at the selection.&quot;What if we get fake piercings instead and see what the boys and girls say?&quot;I said laughing at the idea.&quot;Oh my gosh they would totally freak if they thought we went through with this!&quot;Cynthia said.&quot;Um sir can we buy two of the fake hooped lip piercings&quot;I asked the guy behind the counter.&quot;Alright but you have to get it put in cause it has yo be a certain way to look real&quot;he replied getting the piercings we picked out.&quot;Alright we have time&quot;Cynthia said.&quot;Okay well come on&quot;he said opening the door to go into the room.&quot;Can we take them on and off?&quot;I asked.&quot;Yea I'll teach you two how to do it&quot;he said sitting Cynthia down on the chair. Eleanor's P.O.V I can't believe they are going through with this!The rest of us were walking back to the piercing place when Cynthia and Lilli walked out.My jaw literally dropped to the floor. Lilli's P.O.V I couldnt help but laugh.The girls facess were priceless!&quot;Close your mouth girls your gona catch a fly&quot;i winked at them.&quot;Lilliana Rosalinda Marie Flores and Cynthia Araceli Flores Gonzales what on earth where you two thinking?&quot;shrieked Dani.&quot;That the piercings look cute&quot;said Cynthia.&quot;Come on lighten up it's not the end of the world&quot;I shrugged.&quot;We are gonna look so cute at the party on Friday!&quot;Cynthia squealed.&quot;Yea yea come on lets go before the mall closes&quot;said Eleanor irritated.I looked at Cynthia and we both started laughing hysterically.We droped off Dani,Perrie and Ashley at their houses since Cynthia is stay at my place.We all agreed to wear oir matching shirts tomorrow and i was super excited to see the boy's reaction to my 'lip piercing'.&quot;Nighty night El&quot;i said as we got out of the car.&quot;Goodnight crazy ass&quot;she replied.Cynthia and I walked to my room and took off each other's piercings.We practiced a few times how to get them on and off before we got the hang of it.&quot;Good night crazy buddy&quot;i said yawning.&quot;Good night crazy buddy&quot;Cynthia responded laying on her air matress on the floor.I drifted off to sleep thinking what was gonna happen at the party.
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