A new beganing

When Emma Tomlinsons best friend moves in with her and the 5 boys known as one direction and that past comes up. Bad things happen will it end Emma and Zoe's 11 year friendship will Rea try and still Zoe away? Will Ariel try and still Emma away? Will the boys let this happen? Will the relationships last? Will everything fall apart will Emma lose her friends and her brother? I think there's another mr.x at hands but he goes by Zoe and Harry's past.


1. Love, happiness, & stalker

"Emma!" Niall called from down stairs
Zoe and I were laying on my bed listing to Cher Lloyd and talking about how things have changed sense Lou went out for xfactor.
"Emma Lynn get down here please!?" Niall screamed again when I didn't answer him.
"You evil leprechaun I am not moving you come up here if you need me so bad!" I screamed back
About 2 minutes latter I heard the sound of clumsy foot steps coming up the stairs there was more then one boy coming up here I couldn't tell how many of them tho. 3 boys busted threw my bedroom door the blonde Irish one first he seemed mad that I didn't answer his screaming at me but that faded as soon as his eyes focused on the tall medium length brown haired hazel eyed girl I called my best friend. Niall walked over to her and started to kiss her softly on the lips when the buzzed cut boy Liam screamed eww get a room. The two of them clearly ignored the comments from Liam and the bad boy of the group zayn who just happens to be my secret crush the only one that knows is Zoe. When Zoe and Niall finished there make out Fest. Niall said we would talk about what he and the boys came up here for latter that he was going to go write a new song.
"We'll that was weird." Zoe said
"Yea your telling me you don't live with them" I replied
"We'll I practically do I mean we have practically lived with each other for the past 10 years." Zoe said In her come on get real voice.
"Yea we have and can you believe in 3 days it will be 11 years senses we became best friends!" I said with excitement.
"Omg I know it doesn't feel like its been that long and it will be mine an Nialls 2 year anaversry too. I can't believe y'all have to go to an interview and can't go out on our anaversry." Zoe said kind of sad
"Aww Zo-bear we are going to go out after the interview remember?" I asked Zoe
"Yea I remember but it won't be the same we always spend the whole day together." She said
"I know boo tang but don't worry we will have fun I won't let you down." I said
"I know you won't you never do, but I'm worried Niall will he has a lot to do recording the album and all." Zoe said
"He's Niall every thing he does revolves around you he won't let you down." I said
"Ok enough sappy talk you know I hate it now I have an hour before I have to go to work so we are going to make you look hot so zayn will realize he wants you." Zoe squeak
"Fine but I'm wearing pink." I steadied
She spent the next 45 minutes straitening my hair and doing my makeup as she was finishing my hair my phone buzzed I looked down to see a message from Lottie hey Em mom wants to know when you and Lou are coming home? Miss and love you xx ~Lottie
To Lottiebug: hey babe umm I think Lou said in about a month or so their still recording for the new album, he said we will be heading home the first chance we get Kay boo? Love and miss you too give everyone my love!<3 xx -Emma
From:Lottiebug sounds good Em every one said they miss you and love you tell Lou the same! See you soon well I have a date with Jim so ttyl<3 xx ~Lottie
To Lottiebug: will do! See you soon and can't wait to meet him have fun!<3 xx -Emma
At this point Zoe had put me in a hot pink strapless dress that comes to my mid thigh and was kinda tight and showed my Curves in all the right places I had on silver high-heels and I have to admit I looked pretty hot! Zoe and I were walking down the stairs arms locked together so I wouldn't trip and hurt my self. Zoe screamed for all the boys to meet her at the bottom of the stairs right then and there I had the eyes of 5 boys on me.
"Dang girl I don't know what happened but you look hot!" Harry said.
"I take full credit for that." Zoe said raising her hand
"You do look good Em."Niall said while hugging Zoe good bye.
Gave Zoe a hug good bye and she was off to work leaving me alone with 5 teen age boys. I walked in to the living room and sat down in zayns lap.
"What do you think your doing?" He said looking down at me trying not to smile.
"I don't understand your question." I said as inasently as I could.
"Why. Are. You. Sitting. On. Me?" Zayn asked very slowly.
"Oh Cus you comfy!" I said with a smile on my face.
"We'll why don't you go her more comfortable clothes on and while the boys go to the club we will watch a movie." Zayn said.
"What you don't thing I look hot in this?" I asked
"I think you look gorges but I know you and I know you would rather be in sweat pants and a t-shirt." Zayn stated.
"Can I wear one of you t-shirts?" I asked in a kidding voice.
"Yea if you want there's a white one laying on my bed." Zayn said
I walked up stairs to zayn's room I noticed he had sweat pants laying on the bed to from were he didn't put up his laundry. I put on the shirt and his sweat pants I figured it would be fun to see his reaction. They were a little big but I just tied tighter. I took a pic and posted it to twitter.
@emmatomlinson569: don't I look gorge in zayns clothes!<3 thanks @zaynmalik
Five seconds latter I got a replys
@zaynmalik:@emmatomlinson569 you look cute even though you didn't have permission to wear my pants!(;
@zoebug456: you look gorges loving the strait hair!(; have fun tonight see you when I get off!
@harrystyles: Emma Lynn Tomlinson I disapprove of your wearing over guys clothes! I expect them to be on you when I get home missy!(; xx
I replied to those 3.
@emmatomlinson569:@zaynmalikwell your pants are comfy!(; is the movie ready ill be down in a min! Oh an ik I'm cute doe!<3
@emmatomlinson569: thanks love although I miss my curly hair it feels weird like this! And ok see you soon love! Xx @zoebug456
@emmatomlinson:@harrystyles don't be jelly your the one that left me with zayn! and I think your the one we need to worry about having clothes on at the end of the night!(; xx
I got of twitter and walked back down stairs. I walked in the living room and laid down on the couch with my head in zayns lap. Zayn started the movie. I wasn't quite sure what the movie was it was so movie a bout a man who went of to war and almost died. It was boring to me so I played on my phone most of the time.
"Hey Emma can I ask you something?" Zayn asked
"Yea what?" I replied
"Would you ever data a member of a boy band?" Zayn asked.
"Nope my brother told me they like to put up fake bad boy reps and don't like people touching their hair." I replied with a smile on my face.
"What if he was really nice and the bad boy rep was an act? And he let you play with his hair?" He asked with a smile
"Then I would have to say I would but my brother might flip out." I said
"I can deal with your brother. So Emma will you be my girl friend?" He asked
"I would love to." I replied
Zayn leaned down and started kissing my slow and gentle. This continued for a few minutes before Zoe busted threw the living room door.
"Omg omg omg!" She squealed
I just looked at her in shock
I knew you to would end up together! Omg! She said really fast she was starting to sound like me.
"Why are you off so early?" I asked
"I didn't feel like working so Shelly came to rescue me and take over." She replied
"Oh well to you want to watch a movie with us?" Zayn asked
"Can we watch flicka?" Zoe asked
"I guess." Zayn replied
"Zoe you know you just need to move in right." I said
"Yea I know but it's the boys house and they all have to approve of it." She said
"Well 1) Lou won't care your like his little sister. 2) Liam already said you should move in and sale your apartment your never at. 3) your dating Niall 4) I'm all for it you practically already live here 5) Harry will have to get over his self Cus your moving in." Zayn said
"What if Harry try's to you know repeat the past?" Zoe asked
Right then there was a tall figure standing behind Zoe.

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