Jade is your average 16 year old, but she's in love with her English teacher. Mr.Tomlinson. What she doesn't know is that he's in love with her too. What will happen when they confess their feelings for each other and they kiss but someone sees them? Days later they both receive a picture of them kissing. Someone knows. They continually receive strange messages from this unknown number. Will they continue to keep their love secret or will the secret messaged tell everyone for them?


4. What Just Happened?

Jade's POV: I ran to Maddie when the bell rang. "I definitlely failed that test" I said "Not me," she replied "I stayed up until 12 last night studying!" Just then Mr.Tomlinson approached us. "Jade, can I speak to you?" He asked " um yeah, sure" I replied nervously. "I think you should know your failing my class. If you don't get your grade up, your going to have to repeat this grade." I can't repeat thus grade I thought. My mom would kill me. As I was thinking we got lost in each others eyes. He slowly leaned in and our lips touched. I never believed people when they said they could feel sparks when they kissed someone, but now I know exactly what they mean. "Whoa" I said "I've been wanting to do that for a long time" he said under his breath. "Me Too" I replied Louis' POV: I stared into her dark brown eyes. They were so beautiful. I then slowly leaned in and kissed her. It felt so right at the moment. We pulled away and just stared into each others eyes. "Um I should get going" she said. I snapped back I to reality "ok, bye" she waved and left. What just happend.
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