Jade is your average 16 year old, but she's in love with her English teacher. Mr.Tomlinson. What she doesn't know is that he's in love with her too. What will happen when they confess their feelings for each other and they kiss but someone sees them? Days later they both receive a picture of them kissing. Someone knows. They continually receive strange messages from this unknown number. Will they continue to keep their love secret or will the secret messaged tell everyone for them?


8. The X-Factor option

Jade's POV : We walked down stairs and I saw four boys standing in the kitchen. "Hey" I said shyly "who's this?" Said the one with dark brown hair in a quiff. "This, is Jade. One of my students" Louis said . They all just stood there. "Your student?" The blonde one said "yeah" Louis said.They all stood there staring at me. "Well this awkward" said the one with the buzz cut under his breath. "Anyways, I'm Liam, "
said the one with the buzz cut
" This is Harry, this is Niall, and this is Zayn" "Hi" they all replied in sync. We all ate in the living room and just talked "So tell us about yourself" Harry said "Well, my parents are divorced and I live with my mum. ". "Louis tells me you guys can sing, sing for me!" I said "Um, sure I guess " Zayn said. They started singing "You Found Me" by The Fray. They were so good! When they finished I applauded them " You guys are so good!" "Thanks" Niall said smiling. Just then a thought popped into my mind. "Have you guys seen The X-Factor?" They looked at me weird "yeah" replied Niall "You have to try out as a band! You guys would definitely win and me and Louis could be together!" My phone buzzed in my pocket *new text message*
~ You can't get out of this problem that easy. I'm watching you. Watch out XOXO~ "Louis?" I said shaking "yes?" "Come with me" I said walking to his bedroom. When we got in I closed the curtains and sat down "read this" I handed him my phone and he read the message. He hugged me and said " It's going to be fine . We're in this together right?" "I know but this person, who ever it is, they're out to get us," I said "and they aren't going to stop until we tell." He thought for a moment "Well maybe we'll have to think about The X-Factor option. I mean, it would be fun" he said smiling "I bet you would do great too!" "Jade can I ask you a question?" "Sure"

Louis' POV: " Jade can I ask you a question?" I asked "sure" she replied "Will you be my girlfriend?" "I thought I already was" she said laughing. We both leaned in and I kissed her passionately. "I love you so much Jade" "I love you more" she replied. Tomorrow is Monday and it's back to school. That means I must resist the urge to kiss her and tell her "I love you" in the middle if class.This, is going to be hard.

Unknown POV: Jade didn't know . She didn't know how much I loved Louis. He's mine! We were meant to be, not them. That should be me! She'll get her payback. I warned her, but she didn't listen. I've already thought out my plan. She won't see it coming.
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