Jade is your average 16 year old, but she's in love with her English teacher. Mr.Tomlinson. What she doesn't know is that he's in love with her too. What will happen when they confess their feelings for each other and they kiss but someone sees them? Days later they both receive a picture of them kissing. Someone knows. They continually receive strange messages from this unknown number. Will they continue to keep their love secret or will the secret messaged tell everyone for them?


3. The Test

~The Next Day~
Jade's POV: I woke up to get ready for school. Today was Friday and I'm so glad the weekend was near! The only reason I really like school is because I get to see Mr.Tomlinson everyday. Which reminds me, I have a test in his class today and I don't study! I'm panicking, I'm already failing because I never pay attention. I'm always watching every move Mr.Tomlinson makes. "Jade! We have to go!" Shouted my mom. I'm totally going to fail this test. Mr.Tomlinson's class finally came. I was dreading that test.

Louis' POV: "Time for the test!" I shouted, "Remeber this is not a team effort. No Cheating!" I started passing out test, "Good luck." I said to Jade as I handed her the test. "Thanks" she replied smiling. It seems everyday I fall for her more and more. There's just something about her that drives me crazy! As I was grading the test I came across Jade's. She got an F. Oh we'll, that gives me a reason to talk to her after class.

***its not that long but I needed to post something for you guys:) Something exciting will happen in te next chapter!!:)***
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