Jade is your average 16 year old, but she's in love with her English teacher. Mr.Tomlinson. What she doesn't know is that he's in love with her too. What will happen when they confess their feelings for each other and they kiss but someone sees them? Days later they both receive a picture of them kissing. Someone knows. They continually receive strange messages from this unknown number. Will they continue to keep their love secret or will the secret messaged tell everyone for them?


11. All I Needed

Jade's POV: I was still trying to process it through my head that Maddie did that. All this time we were friends and she just betrayed me like that? "Are you okay?" Louis asked "I'm just wondering why Maddie would do that to me" He kissed me in my nose "Listen, we're going to tell the police and she won't bother us again" I kissed his lips softly "My mom is probably worried sick" "Yeah, we should get you home" We arrived at my house and I walked to my door "Bye" I said to Louis "Bye" he replied back. He leaned in to kiss me and I gave in. We started kissing and my mom came out "Jade! Where have you been?" She stared staring at Louis "Mr. Tomlinson?" "Hello" he said "You can leave now " she told him. We walked inside and she started screaming at me "Kissing your teacher?!" She yelled "Where have you been these past 2 days?" "You want to know! I got kidnapped by my best friend and locked up in a basement in the middle of no where!" I ran to my room and grabbed a duffle bag. I threw some clothes and my phone in and ran out the door. I had to get away from there. Some days my mom was nice and then next day she would be rude and aggressive. She used to be abusive but I one day she just stopped. I tried to forgive her for things she had done in the past but I guess I couldn't. I finally got up the nerve to leave since my parents got divorced and now I don't know where to go. I finally decided to go to Louis' house.

Louis' POV: I was watching tv with the lads and I heard a knock at the door. "I'll get it" I said. When I opened the door it was Jade. She was crying and she had a duffle bag with her "Jade, what's wrong" I said embracing her in a hug. "I had to leave. I have no where to go" she said crying. "Jade you can stay here with me and the boys. We don't mind" "Thank you Louis. I love you" "I love you too Jade. So much" I took her inside and took her to my room "you can stay in here or you can stay in the extra bedroom if you'd be more comfortable" she laid down her bags "I'm fine in here " she said smiling "lets go tell the rest if the lads you'll be staying here" We walked into the family room and we told the boys I would be staying here for a while "I'm glad your staying here." Said Zayn "Me too" Jade said "Who wants to go out to dinner?" Liam said "I like the sound of that" Niall said "I don't have anything to wear" "I guess that means we have to go shopping." I said. We went shopping at 4 different stores and finally found a dress for Jade to wear for dinner. After an hour and a half we were all ready. "Ready to go?" I asked Jade "Yes" she replied grabbing my hand.

•Later at the restaurant•
Jade's POV: We chose a fancy Italian restaurant to eat at. We all say down and ordered our meals. I was thinking about dropping out of school and I needed to tell the boys. "Um boys?" "Yes?" They replied "I'm thinking abut dropping out of school" I said "Jade don't" Harry said "It's for the best. Me and Louis could be together and he wouldn't get fired." "That's true but you couldn't get a good job or anything" Harry said "That doesn't matter to me. You guys are the only thing that matters to me anymore," I said "I love you guys" "We love you too Jade" they replied. I knew these were the people I wanted to be with. I didn't need my mom or an education. I didn't need Maddie, the only thing I needed these 5 boys right here.

** I forgot to out in the part where they called the cops but lets pretend she's in jail:)**
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