Save me tonight

A young girl by the name of Sarah is depressed. Her life is complicated and after the people who depended on her for a lot were let down and left she became suicidal. She felt like she was alone, and well she kind of was. Relationships never worked and her family would never noticed the scarred body she tried to hide. There has been many attempts to take her own life but none succeeded. She always felt like she had no future and no purpose. She felt like god wanted wanted her alive just to see her suffer. So she had one last idea. It was the only idea that would work. While in the middle of her last attempt she gets flashbacks of happy moments and love, all these people still around. But things don't go right. In the last seconds she sees and angel. Or what she thinks is angel. Will she survive? Will she know her angel?


12. Tear Stained Cheeks

Niall's POV:

Even in that plastic gown sitting on a paper sheet in that doctors office she was still the most beautiful girl i knew. Lou and El were sitting in the waiting room waiting for us. She was stressed i could tell. I took her hand and squeezed it tight even when the doctor came in. Our eyes were staring at ground when he spoke. She looked up at him and i looked at her. She look terrified. I squeezed her hand tighter.

"Its not as uncommon for women your age to get pregnant. But we are going to find out if you are. And if you are we have choices for you." The doctor spoke.

He laid her down, i still held onto his hand. The nurse came back and looked in to her with the ultrasound. I had no idea what she was looking at she saw something, she walked out if the room. I was confused. The doctor cane back and looked in her. Then he looked at me with saddened eyes.

"So am i pregnant?" She said needing an answer.

"Well there is no easy way to say this but you were." The doctor spoke.

"What do you mean?" I said. He turned back on the machine and pointed to the screen. Her hand trembled. She was shaking. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

"This right here was your baby. The reason we couldn't tell you before if you were pregnant was because it had an abnormal growth and grew too slow. The nurse saw it and was only the size of dime. She tried to find its heartbeat but unfortunately there was none. Im sorry hut your baby has died. I'll leave you two alone." The doctor said and he walked out quietly.

By now tears were streaming down her face. It hurt me to see her like that. I had no idea what to think but i wasn't going to ask she was thinking i was just going to held her.

Sarah's POV:

'What. Just. Happened.. Im holding a dead body in my belly. I cant even care for a child. How am i ever suppose to be a mother.' I thought. I know i did not want to be a mother now but just thinking of everything that was going on killed me inside.

Louis and El came in. The doctor had told them the news also. Seeing sweet louis cry was heartbreaking. He was the silliest of the group and never seemed upset. We left about ten minutes later and it was a silent car ride.

Louis' POV:

I felt so bad for her. She was so young and already went through mire than most girls twice her age. She was my hero. And i just wanted her to have it easy. I would hate leaving her alone again. But she El and danielle and even perrie. We would be back soon.

-End of October-

Sarah's POV:

I did my best to forget about the miscarriage. And it worked most of the time but some nights when the moment replayed in my head. I would wake up sobbing. And not be able to fall back asleep. Since Niall left i was okay. I kept my grade point average perfect and focused on my future. My team got ready for our season. I was ready to win cheersport this year. Last year second by .3 a point was killer. But the band was taking a year off so all the boys were coming to cheer me on. They are even performing there.

I was standing in the airport waiting for Niall to walk out the gate. It seemed like everybody else walked off the plane but him. And the people were beginning to become less frequent and then nobody came. My heart sank, where was he? I tear fell from my cheek.

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