Save me tonight

A young girl by the name of Sarah is depressed. Her life is complicated and after the people who depended on her for a lot were let down and left she became suicidal. She felt like she was alone, and well she kind of was. Relationships never worked and her family would never noticed the scarred body she tried to hide. There has been many attempts to take her own life but none succeeded. She always felt like she had no future and no purpose. She felt like god wanted wanted her alive just to see her suffer. So she had one last idea. It was the only idea that would work. While in the middle of her last attempt she gets flashbacks of happy moments and love, all these people still around. But things don't go right. In the last seconds she sees and angel. Or what she thinks is angel. Will she survive? Will she know her angel?


30. Silence

**In this chapter not a word will be spoken it will be written directly from their thoughts or text messages. i'm really excited about this chapter!!**


Niall's POV: 


I sat in my hotel missing Sarah like crazy. I missed the way she laughed and  talked. i even missed the way she would smell after practice. i know that's gross but its true. i missed everything about her. All the other guys have their girls with them and i don't. i know she has school and it is extremely important that she does i just want her here with me all the time. I alwasy feel like i'm number 2 in her life. She always put cheer and school in front of me. i know its her life and she is trying to get a future so that i don't just support her. i hate how she doesn't like it that i want to support her. She is such a great person she needs it. i just cannot believe she won't let me do that. I look over at my room mate Harry. It is like 6:45AM and he is up. he keeps texting someone and every time he gets a reply he smiles and bites his lip. i think he is talking to that girl from the wedding, what was he name, dara maybe, i don't know i could care less about it. then it gave me an idea maybe i should try and talk to her over text its daytime where she is i think. If i did my calculations right it should be like 3ish. 

'Hey Honey!' i sent her.

'hello (:' i got about a minute later. we had to message over kik so i would raise her phone bill. 


Sarah's POV:


'How are you doing, princess?' he sent me. this was the first time we had texted in so long but with this time difference right now it was so hard to do anything but message. 

How was i? That was going to be hard to explain, if i even did. i was a mess without him. i would stay up every night balling my eyes out. i got so much hate now that Niall was gone. i didn't really even use my phone anymore. this was the first time in days. sometimes i would mope around and do nothing. My parents knew that i had hated myself for this. They sent me to therapy once a week. i couldn't stand it anymore. i would sit alone in my room most days. Sometimes Jak and Kaitlyn would come over and drag me out of bed to go bowling or watch or something but i would always end up in tears that night no matter what i did. i sat there for a few minutes starring at the text wondering what to say. pretty soon i got another from him. 

'Sarah are you still there?'

'yeah im here. sorry went to the bathroom for a minute.' Lie.

'Oh its cool. What are you doing right now?'

'i'm just hanging out with some friends right now' Lie. 

'if you want me to go i can go i guess.'

'No, i want you to stay and talk to me.' now that wasn't a lie. 

'Great :D i wasn't going to leave anyways. So you been doing anything while im gone or have you just been sitting around with Kaitlyn.?'

'we've done so much and it has been so much fun!' lies. 

i dont know why i keep lying to him. i hate doing it anyways. i guess i didn't want him to find out that i was hopeless without him. that i needed him always with me. if only he could feel it. i could tell he was upset by the way he texted. i know he sent happy faces and stuff but i could feel his sorrow and longing. if only he could feel mine. i laid down on the bed. 


Niall's POV:


She was upset, missing me too i hoped. all her messages were short and exactly what i wanted to hear. and that was how i knew it. I wanted her happy so i sent her a snapchat of me being crazy. i sent another of me jumping on Harry and kissing him on the cheek. i know all the fans think we have these romance with each other secretly but it is nothing like that, we act like really close brothers and best friends. We talked for like ten more minutes sending pictures back and forth but then they stopped coming from her. i waited for her reply. It was almost 7:15 here. In a few hours i was going to go get ready for my show. I love to play. All the fans were so supportive of my relationship. Some were still mean but mostly from what i saw they loved us together. Some people guessed i would end up with a Redhead and i did. They loved to talk about us and all the fanfics about us she would read and send the good ones over to me. I would look at edits and send them over to her. I just love the fans. They listen to our music and make us live our dream. Without them i wouldn't be here and probably wouldn't have met Sarah. I sit there and think maybe I'm the person i am today because of them. I hope to one day hold our child and watch them grow and change into a beautiful person like the fans saw me do. 

Our future is so far away so i don't know why I'm thinking about marriage and kids. I have like eight more years till we will get married. I just hope she will love me that long....

Well a month until i see her again. ....


Sarah's POV:


It was almost 60 days since i had seen Niall. Tomorrow was my senior prom. Kaitlyn was with me, we were getting our hair done but i hadn't said a word all day and she knew why. She knew that i had been so excited to see Niall. She thanked them for me and we payed and i drove her back to my house. I did her make up then did mine. Her boyfriend of three years was taking her. He was a few years younger than Niall but three years older then her and I. I wore a gold sparkling dress from south carolina. I had bought it over spring break. I wore my lace toms because i hated heels so much. Kaitlyn wore a royal blue dress. They were both floor length. We sat downstairs waiting. Then we heard a knock. 




**AUTHOR'S NOTE: Remember to enter! starting to write some more of it and its getting hard to write it without names haha. but yeah just read my authors post for the information to enter. may add a new chapter tonight i have been working on all day today and yesterday! Goodbye Lovelies!**

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