Save me tonight

A young girl by the name of Sarah is depressed. Her life is complicated and after the people who depended on her for a lot were let down and left she became suicidal. She felt like she was alone, and well she kind of was. Relationships never worked and her family would never noticed the scarred body she tried to hide. There has been many attempts to take her own life but none succeeded. She always felt like she had no future and no purpose. She felt like god wanted wanted her alive just to see her suffer. So she had one last idea. It was the only idea that would work. While in the middle of her last attempt she gets flashbacks of happy moments and love, all these people still around. But things don't go right. In the last seconds she sees and angel. Or what she thinks is angel. Will she survive? Will she know her angel?


29. P.R.O.M. Jitters

Sarah's POV:   


Today is just another day to me i said to myself as i laid in bed. It was 5:13 am and i don't know why i was up. I'm never up this early for anything. I fiddled with my fingers and toes and decided to get out of bed after about twenty minutes of just laying there. Niall wasn't even in town so instead of dressing up and wearing my favorite pink blouse and black pencil skirt i slipped on my green hoodie and dark jeans. I put on a little powder and mascara. I didn't want to look nasty. I did not have school today, i was just hanging out with friends all day. I yawned and jumped back into bed. I was woken up by my phone ringing. My dad banged at my door and told me to answer it. It was Niall.  

"Hey honey happy valentines day. Wish i were there but I'm on tour. Im so sorry i missed our second valentines day." He sounded upset. Really upset like he was holding something back.  

"Its fine. You'll just have to work extra hard to make up for it." I giggled. " love you Niall see you soon!"   

"Love you too princess" i loved when he called me that. Actually when were alone he calls me his cinderella. That had always been my favorite disney princess ever since i was little. And it just makes me smile. Before my grandfather passed, i was his Cinderella and now it reminds me of him. In a way they are alike. Very free spirited and living life laughing. And they loved to make others laugh. They are the few the people who actually could bring out my real laugh, i hate it but they love it. I miss him so much and just seeing Niall everyday brings back his memory.  He made a heart with his hands and ended the call. He was in a hurry i guess. He looked so upset over FaceTime. I knew it hurt him to be away but this was his first love and i would never ask him to give it up. A few hours later i went off to school and flowers were delivered to me in second. They were from Niall. It was about a dozen roses. It was so sweet of him to do that. But then in 5th i got two more carnations. They had no name on them but mine. They were just left at my desk. I was confused. It was sweet. I put them with my other flowers and slowly nodded off to sleep in class.  

i was soon awaken to my teacher tapping my shoulder. He never got mad at me when i slept, i had over a 100 in his class. He said he wanted to show me a video. He put it on the smart board screen and soon i was Niall standing at the front of my school. He just stood there smiling. Something was off. I went closer and tried to figure it out. My teacher soon left the room. About a minute later he appeared on the screen and told me to start following the "signs". There were no signs. I walked out of the classroom and soon there were people just standing there pointing. Some i knew some i didn't but even when i tried to ask what was going on they wouldn't say a word. I soon reached the other end of the school. My best friend stood at the gym doors and pointed me to go inside. I took a deep breath and opened the door.  

I went in and there was a hallway of balloons. I mean there were literally a hundred balloons. I walked through the path they made. At the end of the path there was someone holding a balloon out for me. I grabbed it. It was blue with a giant "M" on it. Next was a bunch of megaphones that were orange. I was given a black one with an orange "R" on it. I grabbed it and followed the signs. Then i was given a foam porthole with a "?" On the back by my theater friend Maddie. I walked towards my best friend somehow she got all the way over here. She had a giant stuffed fish with a shirt that had a "P" on it. Then i was given a collage with bows on it that made a "O" by my old mentor brooke. I gave her a giant hug and followed the last sign. I was given a envelope that said to put the stuff i had in a certain order. It went like this: fish - megaphone - bow - balloon - porthole. I put them on the table in front of me. When i finished a set of extremely strong arms wrapped around my waist and a familiar scent filled the air. He whispered in my one word: prom? I realized then that objects spelled out and i turned around and kissed Niall. I saw cameras flashing and soon all my friends gathered around. I hugged them each and thanked them. I began to cry when i hugged brooke. I hadnt seen her in a few months and she was my mentor. It meant so much to me.  

Later that day he took me out to dinner at chepes. This place was a nice mexican restaurant but not really fancy. I sat there in a nice skirt and top and he wore a suit. He grabbed my hand across the table and looked me right in the eyes. He had a worried but also kind of loving look.  


Niall's POV:  


She had no idea of what i had planned if she had i think she would have dressed up. I think she looks most beautiful when she wasn't trying to look pretty. When she is just natural and comfortable. I don't even know why she wastes her time trying to look good for me when she already does.  

I had a trick up my sleeve. But i was also upset too.  

"Sarah, i love you with all my heart and never want to leave your side but you know i have the band. Im not gonna be able to see you for a few months. And i just want to know if you're 100% in this relationship? Because if you're not then its not going to last and i don't want either of us to get hurt." By the end i couldn't even look her in the eyes. She shed a tear but quickly wiped it off her cheek.  

"Are you honestly thinking i would cheat, or are you just scared you will. I've been cheated on and it was from someone who was as close to me as you but-"   

"No i would never and who was it? Ill kill-" i interrupted but she ended me before i could finish.   

"Stop. If you're going to be faithful then do it. If not then just let me leave now." She began to cry.   

"You are the only girl in the world for me. Every time i see another girl she just reminds me of you. I don't need anybody else if i have you."   

Before i knew it, it was time to drop her off at home. Our last words were i love you and then she walked inside and i began to cry. It actually is extremely hard for me to see her leave but i know that it wont be forever.           



**AUTHOR'S NOTE: So keep entering these are just chapters i had prewritten and never got the chance to upload because my computer broke. Well Niall's Girl is taken but there are still so many more pats to choose from. i will probably add more in the future. So i will tell you when the final chapters begin. i have one more to upload today and you guys will be as caught up as me. i will try to upload at least once a week. Maybe even sooner if i have the time thanks for reading lovelies!**

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