Save me tonight

A young girl by the name of Sarah is depressed. Her life is complicated and after the people who depended on her for a lot were let down and left she became suicidal. She felt like she was alone, and well she kind of was. Relationships never worked and her family would never noticed the scarred body she tried to hide. There has been many attempts to take her own life but none succeeded. She always felt like she had no future and no purpose. She felt like god wanted wanted her alive just to see her suffer. So she had one last idea. It was the only idea that would work. While in the middle of her last attempt she gets flashbacks of happy moments and love, all these people still around. But things don't go right. In the last seconds she sees and angel. Or what she thinks is angel. Will she survive? Will she know her angel?


25. Nightmares Come True

Sarah's POV: 

It was dark here and cold. Nobody around. I could hear water crashing against the walls. They had my hands bound behind my back. I was scared. I wanted Niall back. I wanted to go back to the bed, that moment with him. Hopefully i could. All i had was the blanket around me and duct tape on my mouth. I had no tears left in me no energy in my body. I was terrified about the what ifs. I decided to close my eyes for just a moment and pray. 


A door opened and a large man entered. I shot up. Eyes full of fear. I began to scream.

"Shhh baby if you don't fight then i wont hurt you." A deep voice said while he clutched my throat. A tear fell. He ripped the tape from my mouth and he stuck his lips on mine. 

He tasted like tobacco  and beer. It was disgusting. But i didn't fight. I was going to get out of here alive. He laid me down and felt a slight pinch on my arm. Things began to grow blurry. And i drifted off. At least i wouldn't have to watch it. I woke up to pain on my lower half and i stood up. I couldn't pull at the zip ties because they got tighter at each tug. I walked around and found the door. I banged on it. And even louder bangs i heard back. And a man came in and threw a shirt on me and threw me over his shoulder. I kicked but he just banged my head on a wall. I stopped and he brought me to room. It was nice. Red carpet and white walls. It rocked. I knew now for sure we were on a boat. They put tape over my mouth again and pointed a gun to my head.

"If you make a single noise, i will pull this trigger and you will never wake up." Was all he said. 

The sat me in a chair around a table. The man with the gun sat right next to me. And the man who rapped me sat across from me. And two other men sat next to them. There was a phone on a table in the middle of us and i stared and the phone. The man who rapped me picked it up and dialed a number. He put it on speaker and set it in the table. I recognized the number. It was Niall's. He didn't answer though, a women did.  This was their conversation.


'We've been expecting your call. This is mary polis of the FBI, hello Jack keebly." She spoke. 

'We have the girl. She listening right now.' He said with a crazy look on his eye. 

'I don't believe you. Youre just a liar and criminal.' The line went dead. He hit the table and screamed. He dialed again. And no answer then again. And no answer. And again and then answer he screamed at the phone and then they hung up. He stood up and grabbed and threw me to the ground. He called again and they answered. 

'I killed her. She is gone. Forever.' He said. I heard a cry at the line. Its was Niall. 


'I don't believe you. Bring her back.' She spoke

'Oh she will come back but only in a body bag. I want 500,000 dollars by 12 noon tomorrow. At the oh so special lake you talk of.' He said and hung up. 

I felt a pinch and things got burry again. I didn't want to know what was to happen once i was out. I just hoped i would wake up. 

It was a day later and i was in the van again. Hands and feet bound. They soon took me out on a small boat. And took me to the edge of the lake. A few cars arrived and i saw Niall on the shore. I couldn't move. It was odd. He put the bag on the shore and the police left. The man took my body and threw me into the lake. I gasped for air i fell down and hit my head on a rock at the bottom and things went dark.



Niall's POV: 
She laid there in the hospital and wouldn't wake up. My worst nightmare was happening. Doctors said she wont come back. But i knew in my mind she would. W e were suppose to be together for the rest of our lives. She promised me that and her bestfriend said she had never broken a promise. So i held onto that.

Doctors said she was in avery fragile state. They had given her multiple drugs and they said it was a miracle that she stayed alive this long. I would sit by her side every minute of the day i could. Tour was canceled for the rest of the year and they boys would visit often. I would never speak though. i would stare into her pale face hoping for twitch or move or a sign of life. it was like watching a tree, you could sit and watch it grow for days but you would never notice it grow. i knew she was getting better. it was not her time to go. She was finally better and i hoped that the day she came back would come. So I sat in silence, just waiting.  

Weeks passed, nothing.

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