Save me tonight

A young girl by the name of Sarah is depressed. Her life is complicated and after the people who depended on her for a lot were let down and left she became suicidal. She felt like she was alone, and well she kind of was. Relationships never worked and her family would never noticed the scarred body she tried to hide. There has been many attempts to take her own life but none succeeded. She always felt like she had no future and no purpose. She felt like god wanted wanted her alive just to see her suffer. So she had one last idea. It was the only idea that would work. While in the middle of her last attempt she gets flashbacks of happy moments and love, all these people still around. But things don't go right. In the last seconds she sees and angel. Or what she thinks is angel. Will she survive? Will she know her angel?


31. Even Miracles Take A Little Time

Sarah's POV:  


I sat exhausted. I had never worked this hard my knees wouldn't lock and it hurt to stand on them. My whole body shook. My breathes were short and fast. Everything was blurry and i felt dizzy. I couldn't stand any longer. I put one arm to the ground and before the rest of my body hit the ground everything went black.

When my eyes opened again i was lying on the tumble track with a cool towel on my face. My coach was still near me. Once he saw my eyes open he announced to everyone i was okay now. I tried to sit up but my body was still so weak. This was the hardest practice yet. I had 3 practices in a row and i loved being there but this wasn't from over working because of that. I was starving myself to look good after graduation. This was going to be the first time i was going to the beach with Niall. All the pictures i would see of me i just wanted to look good in them. I never knew i would pass out. I would have like a small meal and a snack of celery and fiber bars. I wasn't completely starving myself. And with the extra workouts i was getting abs so it was all working. Until this happened. They made me eat a cereal bar and chug down a gallon of water. Once i felt better i went back on the floor. This was my last competition before worlds and we needs a full out practice. Without me there would be no pyramid. My coach told me not to tumble but i did anyways. I needed work and i wasn't going to go easy on myself. Once we finally hit it perfectly after countless numbers of full out routines with all my teams we broke from practice for the night. I guess harry drove Niall over here once he heard i passed out because he was standing in the waiting room clutching my keys.

"Come on give those back i gotta go home!" I yelled at him. My coach called me up after we broke and told me to take better care of myself because he doesn't want me to get hurt. Especially when we had a chance to win at worlds and he needed me. 
"Nope I'm driving you back to my apartment." The boys were in the area for a few weeks. I tried to snatch the keys from his hands but it didn't work. "No I'm driving. Callie texted me and told me what happened. Are you okay?" I was mad by now. All i did was storm out of the building pouting and sat in the passenger seat waiting for Niall. He hugged Callie bye and joined me. He closed his door and turned to face. I still was starring straight ahead at the gym wall. "I don't understand why you would do this to yourself again? You are beautiful."
"Yeah thats what they all say on Instagram." I mumbled hoping he didn't hear it. But he did. The rest of the car ride was silent and so was that night. I would have gone straight to bed after i showered at home anyways but we didn't even give each other eye contact. We laid in the bed back to back on opposite sides the farthest we could be from eachother.
It was nearly 4 am and i guess Niall was awake too because he finally sat up and looked at me. I kept pretending like i was asleep and listened to him. He rolled me over and took me in his arms. I nuzzled myself in his arms and let out a sigh. He kissed the top of my head while i felt the steady up and down of his chest. 
"I love you Sarah" he whispered after kissing my head and laid his head on the pillow. 
After a few minutes i opened my eyes up again, "i love you too Niall" he intertwined our hands. "Forever" we both spoke before we dosed off to sleep. Finally i could actually sleep.  

  I woke up startled when Niall wasn't there and it was 10:30. He came in with a try of toast. i looked at him begged him not to make me eat it. so he ate it and i walked to the kitchen and made me some oatmeal. i only ate it to make him happy. i hadnt eaten breakfast on a week day in about a year! I was never a fan of breakfast, eating so early would make me sick the rest of the day. He watched me as i ate it and i cleaned my dish.

He wrapped his arms and around my waist, "How long have you been not eating properly?" he asked me in his calm, soothing voice. 

"Well since i guess after cheersport. i stopped eating a little but that was all. Then when you told me for my graduation present you were gonna take me to the beach somewhere it got worse." i hesitated.
"So it was me and the pressure i put on you i guess. i'm sorry baby i really am!" He put his chin on my shoulder and rested it there as he spoke, "If you dont want to go anymore i understand."
"No! I do! i just wanted to look good for you since this would be the first time the rest of the world saw me in a bikini" he chuckled as i spoken. i lifted up my shirt and showed him the rock hard abs i had been working on. It was a new trend in the cheer world to have abs and i decided to follow it. 
"WOW! you look better than i do. maybe i should start working out so i can compete with you!" He threw me over his shoulder and put me on the bed. We worked out together and after we were completely exhausted he brought me a huge water bottle and we sat and watched Disney movies i stole from my house for the weekend. We were a day ahead of schedule so hopefully we would get through most of them. 


Niall's POV:  


She drifted off asleep in my arms around about 1. i put in her favorite movie Cinderella and climbed back in bed. she knew this movie in her sleep so i knew it would be a good choice. She ended up waking up right once i was about to fall asleep. but i don't think she actually woke up, i think she was just talking in her sleep. her words were scattered and soft but i could hear every one. 

"Even Miracles......take a.......little......time" She didn't speak after that. The movie wasn't even five minutes in and she was already quoting it. She is my Cinderella and i will always be there to make sure she has shoes on her feet and her dreams come true. 
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