Gonna Find My Way

Alexa Bay lives with her mother because her father won't admit that she exists. Gonna Find My Way is about Alexa finding her place weather that means she really is a Price like her father and older half-brother Charlie or if she is meant to stay a Bay like her mother. It's not just Alexa that has to find her way her brother Charlie that has no idea that he even has a sister. Where will the Price family and the Bay family end up.


2. Photo

  I go to the same school as Charlie only he’s in grade eleven and I’m in grade ten. I admit its wired walking past someone in the hall and knowing you’re related to them but they have no idea.

  My best friends Hannah and Liam know about my families little secret, Hannah especially thinks that I should tell my brother.  Hannah and Liam both have brown hair but Liam has these wild grey eyes that are… 

  One of my teachers asked me to take pictures of the football team’s game; I had just printed them out and was taking them to the office when I bumped into Charlie. The pictures ended up scattered on the floor, and it was just my luck that there were close ups of Charlie.

“Um…, you okay?” Charlie looked at me awkwardly

“Yeah” I saw Charlie eyeing the photos. “There for the year book quarterback.”

Charlie smiled. “There good.” You could see his body relax. My body was tensing up there in front me was my brother and he had no idea and I couldn’t get the words out to tell him I was his little sister.

“I’m Charlie Price.”

“I know.” Why did I just say that? “I think everybody knows that.”

“So you’re not going to tell me your name?”

“Alexa Bay.” I quickly picked up the final photos left on the floor and rushed to the office.

   I told Liam and Hannah about my encounter with Charlie at lunch, Hannah started freaking our Liam just looked at me like he understood how hard it was for me to hold this secret in. As I was trying to get Hannah to sit down Liam left the cafeteria, I didn’t see him again till third period.

“Where did you go at lunch?” I asked Liam in class.

“Hannah’s rite Charlie needs to know but not because it’s his right because it’s not fair for you to keep it bottled in.” Liam was trying not to make eye contact with me.

“What did you do?”

Liam finally made eye contact with me. “I slip one of the photos you took in his locker with the words look into the Bay on the back.”

For a second I felt relieved that maybe Charlie wouldn’t have the brains to but the pieces together, I also wanted to be mad at Liam but I couldn’t because I would be okay with Charlie knowing the truth.

  I told my mom about my day when I got home, I thought she was going to tell me that I had to make sure Charlie didn’t find out or to make sure he didn’t tell anyone if he found out but instead she just relaxed like she knew it was time for the secret not to be bottled up. If the secret did come out my dad was going to be ecstatic since he was running to be reelected for Mayor of Crystal Lake.

  Walking into school the next morning felt a little wired because I didn’t know what to expect, I was about to walk over to Liam and Hannah when my brother walked by me and whispered for me to follow him. I took a deep breath and followed.

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