Gonna Find My Way

Alexa Bay lives with her mother because her father won't admit that she exists. Gonna Find My Way is about Alexa finding her place weather that means she really is a Price like her father and older half-brother Charlie or if she is meant to stay a Bay like her mother. It's not just Alexa that has to find her way her brother Charlie that has no idea that he even has a sister. Where will the Price family and the Bay family end up.


3. Letter

Charlie led me all the way outside so that we were hidden behind the bleachers. I couldn’t figure out what Charlie was thinking.

“Are you my sister?” Charlie didn’t waste time.

“Half-sister” I knew the half wouldn’t make a difference. I was curious to know how Charlie found out the truth about me being his sister.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me about you?”

“Our dad paid my mom not to tell anyone and she really needed the money.” I decided to get write to my question like Charlie had. “How did you find out that I was your sister?”

  “My dad took a lot of work I asked him if he knew the Bay family and his face went blank, he yelled at me never to mention that name ever again. I knew my dad was hiding something so I snuck into his office it took awhile but I found a letter from your mom saying that she wasn’t going to tell anyone about his daughter.”  Charlie seemed shaken up but I would be shocked if he wasn’t.  “My dad doesn’t know that I know about you.”

  I stayed quite just standing behind the bleachers for awhile when I finally decided to go back inside the school. Once inside I saw Liam and Hannah waiting for answers I explained to them the whole conversation with Charlie. I thanked Liam then walked off to class, I felt strange I wondered if Charlie would keep it a secret that he has a sister, or whether he would confront his dad… our dad.

  I didn’t feel like eating during lunch my stomach felt off I thought that it was just nerves that related to the events that had taken place earlier in the day. Hannah and Liam kept asking me if I was okay, I thought I was until I stood up and nearly feel over. It took a lot of arguing but I gave into Hannah and Liam and went to see the nurse she gave me some water and told me to eat something, I felt better for a little while but at the end of the day I started to feel dizzy again and collapse the second I got outside.

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