Gonna Find My Way

Alexa Bay lives with her mother because her father won't admit that she exists. Gonna Find My Way is about Alexa finding her place weather that means she really is a Price like her father and older half-brother Charlie or if she is meant to stay a Bay like her mother. It's not just Alexa that has to find her way her brother Charlie that has no idea that he even has a sister. Where will the Price family and the Bay family end up.


4. Cheque

I woke up in the hospital with my mom hovering over me behind her were Hannah and Liam. My things were on the chair next to the bed, before I could ask any questions a doctor was in my room.

“Alexa Bay, there’s something you should know about your-self you are prone to low blood pressure.” The doctor explained to me that I need to eat but not to over eat because then my vague nerve will that too much blood from my brain adding on to my already low blood pressure.

  Before I could be realized I had to learn the signs of fainting and in my case I had to learn about the vague nerve that directs blood to the stomach and intestines and sometimes take too much blood.

 I gained most of my energy back so I was able to win the fight against my mom to let me go to school the next day, I don’t know why I wanted to go to school I guess I just didn’t want to sit around my house all day getting a call ever minuet from my mom to see how I was doing.

 I knew the next little while was going to be hard my mom was going to be taking time off work to take me to my doctor’s appointments so they could get a feel of what my vague nerve was doing. I told my mom that I could get my-self to my appointments, I didn’t win that fight.

  I was getting a lot of looks when I got to school the next morning which I expected, what I didn’t expect was to see Charlie standing at my locker with a worried face.

“How are you?” He asked when I walked over to him.

I smiled happy that he cared. “Fine. I just have low blood pressure problems.”

“What happens next?”

“I have to go for some checkups.” Under my breath I mumbled. “If only my mom wasn’t going to loss pay.” I wasn’t expecting Charlie to hear me mumbling to myself.

“You need money?” Charlie’s voice was 100% serious.

I looked at Charlie. “My mom and I always need money, not everybody can be rich.”

  I walked away feeling bad it wasn’t Charlie’s fault that we has finance problems but when I turned around to apologize Charlie was gone. I didn’t see Charlie for the rest of the day. Actually that’s a lie I saw him that night along with another visitor my dad.

 They showed up at my house right when my mom and I were sitting down to have dinner. It was awkward at first my dad was just standing there not making eye contact.

“Calum” my mother said when she saw who was at the door.

He looked at her and smiled. “Hello Rachel.”

“What are you doing here?” My mom asked.

Charlie spoke up this time. “I talked my dad into writing you a check.” My mom’s face and mine must have looked very shocked. “It’s not another check to keep quiet but one to help with the Alexa having to go to the hospital.”

  My mom tried not accepting the check handed to her but let’s say the Price family is very persuasive.  As my mom accepted the check a bunch of cameras came up from behind the bush. It was some of the photographers from the town paper; of course it had to be the ones that act as our towns paparazzi.

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