Gonna Find My Way

Alexa Bay lives with her mother because her father won't admit that she exists. Gonna Find My Way is about Alexa finding her place weather that means she really is a Price like her father and older half-brother Charlie or if she is meant to stay a Bay like her mother. It's not just Alexa that has to find her way her brother Charlie that has no idea that he even has a sister. Where will the Price family and the Bay family end up.


5. Caught

It was all over the town paper the next morning who the Mayor running to be reelected was visiting with his son.  I couldn’t help but wonder what Veronica Price was thinking would my father tell her the truth or come up with some lie. I got a phone call from the Price family telling me that my father was going to come out with his secret and he would love to have me there when he announces that he has a daughter.

  I rummaged through my closet to find the nicest dress I owned; I finally found one I thought suitable it was white with pink and yellow flowers on it. I added some white flats and yellow cardigan to the ensemble and headed down to the Price house with my mom. 

  It was crazy at the Price house even thought it was huge with about a million rooms it was still so crowded with reporters and camera crew, I didn’t know that there were so many reporters in our small town of Crystal Lake.

“So this is the offspring of my husband stabbing me in the back.” Veronica had this evil smirk on her face.                

  Charlie came to save me from Veronica’s glare, and showed me to the living room where the announcement was going to be made.

  My palms were shaking sitting off to the side with my mom, I wasn’t paying much attention to my dad talking at the podium, but I clicked in right when I heard my name.

  As I walked up to stand next to my dad, my brother whispered in my ear. “Good luck.”     

   There were a million questions on why I had been kept a secret and what led my dad to cheat on his wife I knew that all the questions had been rehearsed but the reporters were eating it up.  

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