Gonna Find My Way

Alexa Bay lives with her mother because her father won't admit that she exists. Gonna Find My Way is about Alexa finding her place weather that means she really is a Price like her father and older half-brother Charlie or if she is meant to stay a Bay like her mother. It's not just Alexa that has to find her way her brother Charlie that has no idea that he even has a sister. Where will the Price family and the Bay family end up.


1. Bedtime Story

  If you were to look in my brother’s room you would see trophy after trophy. Football trophies, soccer trophies, basketball trophies, hockey trophies the list goes on. If you were to see my brother you would see a guy surrounded by people, the jock, the one that gets all the girls.

   If you were to look in my room you would see nothing because to my father I don’t exist. I live on the other side of town with my mom a woman that got screwed over. I’m the girl who makes trouble. Know I do have a room in it I have a camera, a canvas paper and books. I like to write, take pictures and draw/paint. I get it from my mom she’s always been creative; she told the best bedtime stories.

   My favorite bedtime story was the one about the peasant girl who had a ton of hidden potential but the king of the land took away all the courage from the peasant girl and her and her mother when he chose riches over what was right. The peasant girl knew that the king had not done what was rite that he was keeping a big secret, she wanted to tell people but her mother told her it would only make things worse. The peasant girl grew tired of sitting around watching the king live with no worries, until one day she saw the king yelling at his wife and son. She saw the wife start to cry and the son storm off. From that day forward she watched the king’s family more carefully when they made appearances. The peasant girl saw that the royal family was not happy they were not as perfect as they seemed. The peasant girl realized that even though she was not rich, that times got tough she was happy and that’s what mattered.

   When I turned twelve my mom sat me down and told me that my father was a wealthy man with a secret. My father was married with a son only a year old when he had an affair with another women. He gave the women all so known as my mom, Rachel Bay two cheques one so she wouldn’t tell anyone about the affair and the second when he found out my mom was pregnant. My mom really needed money at the time so she stayed quiet, she also knew that weather she told people or not my father wouldn’t be staying around. My mom never spoke of my father to anyone other than the ones she could trust with her life.

    I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m tall and look like the girl version of my brother. Since I knew who my father was it wasn’t hard to figure out who my brother was. My father is Mayor of the small town I live in called Crystal Lake. Crystal Lake is about a three hour drive from Downtown Toronto.

    I guess you’re wondering who my father and brother are exactly. My father’s name is Calum Price; he has brown hair and blue eyes. Calum’s son my half-brother is Charlie Price, Charlie has dirty blonde hair and sky blue eyes like me. Then there’s Veronica Price Calum Price’s beloved wife she has blond hair and green eyes. There’s only one member of the Price family missing, me Alexa Bay. The one Veronica and Charlie have no idea exists.

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