The Choice

Crystal Thorn is just a normal American girl, with an amazing talent! She has a beautiful voice. One that people could listen to forever. And that talent is about to take her on a life changing Journey.

When Crystal meets Zayn Malik, her dream husband, at the San Fransisco beach carnival all her dreams start coming true. Then she learns a secret that will change her life and the life of all around her. And to make things worse she starts to fall in love with other people.


1. Zayn Malik

I love Nikki but she just never shuts up, which is why I didn't even finish a page of my book. 

We were 19 and would be heading off tho college the up coming fall. Nikki was determined to get me a boyfriend that period of time. Unfortunately she had all summer to get me one because of the fact that we would be spending every hour of the day together. Every. Day.

We were currently driving to the San Fransisco beach Carnival in her cute little BMW.  She was driving, I was sitting in the back, and her boyfriend Ian sat rode shot gun. 

"So what kind of boy you looking for, Crystal?" Nikki asked me.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not looking for a boy."

Nikki gave me a,  I-don't-care-what-you-want-look-your-getting-it-anyway, look. That was not a good look.

"Nikki....." I sighed. "Why do you like to torture me?"

Nikki looked at me in fake shock. "I call it unwanted assistance."

Ian chuckled.

I snapped my book shut as Nikki pulled the car into the parking lot. I smiled when I saw the big rides, games, and food stands. The carnival stretched four miles in each direction along the beach, and all the way down the dock. We had a lot of things to do and little time to do it. 

"Alright," Nikki said rubbing her hands together. "Who's ready to blow some money?"

I grabbed the wallet out of my yellow and white striped bag. $200.  I have to have save fifty for gas. $150 to spend.

Then I realized what I was wearing. A pair of cut off shorts and yellow polka dotted bikini top. Lovely. 

"Okay," I said with a sigh. "Let's go."

We decided we'd play games first. I played a game that cost a lot, I mean a lot, of money. It was a math game, and math is really my strong point, so I  one a digital point and shoot camera.

We were heading toward a break the plate game so Ian could win a stuffed animal for Nikki, when I stopped in my tracks. Only a few feet away from me stood the hottest guy n the face of this planet. Zayn Malik.

He threw the last baseball, pointed at the stuffed panda  and turned around. He bumped me right on the nose.

Taking a step backwards his brown eyes met my blew ones. "You," he said. "Your here."

I just stared at him.

Nikki squealed. "Crystal you didn't tell me you knew ZAYN MALIK!"

I shook my head. "I.....I don't"

Zayn took a half a step closer eyes never leaving mine. "You don't yet, but I hope you will later. Would you guys like to do some rides with me?"

Holy crap! Zayn Malik wanted us to stay! With him!


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