Bloody Love

Nobody knows the secret the boys are hiding.

Nobody except cassie.

When cassie finds out one direction's dirty little secret her life plunges into a never ending nightmare!

Will she find love or will she become there next meal?


24. OMG!


(Ok guys real quick I would like to tell you before you read , I was telling my coach from school about my book and he got interested so he told me to put him in it , SOOOOOOOOOO I finally put him in here we go!)

(Cassie's POV)

I knew something was wrong.

We all ran home as fast as we could.

I was the first to atlanta's room.

No atlanta.

"Shit she's gone!"

Liam came in next and swore to hisself.

"She is unstable right now , that means she is killing."

All of our eyes widened and we took off again.

All I could think about was my best friend getting hurt or hurting someone.

I felt a tear slip but I sucked it up.

As we ran we came across a dead body lying in the middle of the floor.

"Oh god!" Harry gasped.

We couldn't believe the gore that layed in front of us.

"She's gone complete vampire!" Liam cried.

I patted him on the shoulder trying to calm him.

"We will find her Li -MY nickname for him-."

He looked down and nodded , we took off once again after hiding the body.

 As we ran I saw someone I never could have believed.

My old gym teacher Coach Kornegay (If you make fun of his name I will be mad ok?) standing there drinking blood from some woman.

"WTF COACH K?" I screamed confused.

He pulled away from his meal and looked at me shocked.


I nodded and smiled.

He walked over and pulled me into a hug.

"God I thought you were kidnapped and dead by now." He said as he pulled away.

"Nope about being dead but I was kidnapped by these blood sucking idiot behind me." I pointed to the boys.

"Wait isn't that those boys you always obsessed about? what were their name , Oh One Direction?"

I started blushing.

"Yes they are ,coach k I would like you to meet my boyfriend Harry , and my four best friends Louis , Zayn , Liam , and Niall."

They all shook hands laughing.

"Hey guys want to hear something about cassie , she always would talk about meeting you guys and falling in love with harry , it was hilarious!"

All the guys went to the floor laughing.

"COACH K , YOUR MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed while blushing.

He laughed and gave me another hug.

"Wait , cassie are you a vampire?"

I smirked and nodded.

"Yep , one of the boys got a little to hungry and well you know the rest."

He smiled.

"Well you better get back to your meal , we have to find our friend have you seen her? she's blonde with blue eyes."

"Yeah she went running into the woods after hissing at me , she's nuts!"

"Thanks coach k nice seeing you oh and by the way ,you were good covering up being a vampire."

He laughed and waved bye.

We took off in to the woods to find atlanta curled up snarling at us.

"Atlanta baby please come back with us." Liam stepped up.

"Your baby is not here right now , her inner vampire is in control!" She shouted back in a demonic voice.

I had enough.

I stepped up and charged at her.

We were in a battle , monster vs monster.

The boys tried to stop but it was no use.

Finally I hit her in the head while she used her claws and slit my throat.

I fell to the ground and slowly started going into darkness.


I saw atlanta back to normal and crying saying she was so sorry then blac

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