Bloody Love

Nobody knows the secret the boys are hiding.

Nobody except cassie.

When cassie finds out one direction's dirty little secret her life plunges into a never ending nightmare!

Will she find love or will she become there next meal?




Morning sun shot into my eyes making me wake up immediately.

I looked around but no harry.

Thats when I spotted a note on the night stand.

Hey cassie

sorry for leaving you babe but we had an interveiew to get to.

but please be careful louis stayed home cause he's not feeling good so we let him out of the room.

Please stay in our room as much as possible , if you have to come out please have a weapon with you or something to protect your self with.

Lock the door at all times.

love you ,harry

I got up and changed into my long sleeve shirt and some shorts with my slipper boots and directioner necklace.

When I was done I slowly unlocked the door and walked out.

I reached the stairs when I heard louis himself start singing.

"I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah,

I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah,

I want you to hit the pedal, heavy metal, show me you care

I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah!"

A smile formed one my face for that moment he was the old louis again the one I liked.

I peaked around the corner and saw him laying on the couch and looking at there new cd Take Me Home the one I REALLY couldn't wait to hear.

He wasn't facing me so I finished walking down stairs and sneaked into the kitchen.

I grabbed my favorite cereal and poured me a bowl trying really hard not to make a noice.

I sat down and started eating when I felt like someone was there.

Turning around sure enough there was louis standing there with a smirk on his face.

My heart thumped against my chest hard.

"Ello cassie."

I gulped down my cereal and spoke up not looking at him.

"H-Hey l-l-l-ouis heard your not feeling good."

He smirked.

"Well im not sick sick im ill cause I haven't eaten in a while."

"But I thought Liam brings you up something to eat everyday?" I said fear starting to consume me.

"He does but I always turn him down , I don't want my meal in the bag I like the rush of the chase  the sweet smell of there blood and the screams from my meal." He hissed as he grazed my neck.

Ok im gone.

I jumped out of my seat and took off , running back to harry's room.

I was nearly to the stairs when he poped up there.

"Running from a vampire love?"

I stopped and took off into the living room only to find two dead girls.


Louis grabbed me from behind laughing his demonic laugh again.

"Oops looks like you found my little mess."

He smiled going for my neck again which I quickly kicked him in the balls and ran upstairs.

Looking around I found niall's room.

I bolted in there and hid under the bed which was really big.

"CASSIE that wasn't very nice kicking me in the balls."

Ha I don't care.

He walked past the door and checked the other rooms.

In my head a voice came in.

"Cassie you know I will find you and when I do lets just say I hope you like the taste of blood cause you'll be drinking it everyday."

I froze and demonic laughter filled my head.

I couldn't move or speak knowing he would hear me.

His foot steps came into the room slowly.

My heart pounded harder and harder.

Thats when he found me.

"Ello love." He smirked evily.

I screamed as he pulled me out from under the bed.

"Scream all you want."

I screamed louder intill he covered my mouth.

"Now cassie im willing to reason with you , Im going to drink from you but not turn you or kill you but if you say ONE word to the guys you will loose your mortality got me?"

I nodded and let the tears start coming.

Smiling he leaned in kissing my neck on the pulse.

"Now don't tense love it will be less painful."

I nodded.

He kissed my pulse one last time before sinking his long fangs deep into my throat.

At first there was pain but then as he started sucking it turned to pleasure.

I could tell he was gulping down my blood like it was water.

I was getting weaker and weaker.

After another big gulp he pulled away.

"Now was that so bad love?"

The words didn't come I was to tierd and weak.

"Here lets get this mark off your neck."

With that he leaned back in and licked where he bit.

"Now see no mark." He lifted me up and showed me in the mirror.

My head hurt and I couldn't stand for long.

"Come now lets get to bed." 

In a flash I was in harry's room.

He layed me down and smirked evily at me.

"Sleep well but remember one thing you tell the boys about any of this and you will become immortal." 

He locked the door before going out , to make it look like I never came out.

My eye lids grew heavy and I passed out.









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