Bloody Love

Nobody knows the secret the boys are hiding.

Nobody except cassie.

When cassie finds out one direction's dirty little secret her life plunges into a never ending nightmare!

Will she find love or will she become there next meal?


22. Michelle + Niall = One pissed off Scott


(Niall POV)

I wasn't mad at the girls , I mean they deserve a girls only day at least once.

Harry blew it out of proportions.

As me and michelle drove home I wrapped One of my arms around her.

"Umm you wanna hang out under the moonlight?"

She smiled and turned to me.


I drove into the woods and to my favorite spot.

Sence the car was a convertible I rolled the top off.

Michelle slid into my lap letting me play with her hair.

We cuddled for a while just like that intill michelle spoke up.

"Niall , when I first saw you something in my heart told me that you were more than a killer , your eyes were like blue oceans I could stare at all day , what im trying to say is I Love You!"

(MIchelle POV)


His face brightened up.

Then he leaned in and kissed me.

Our lips moved together in sync like they were made for each other.

Slowly we pulled away.

"I love you too michelle , with every piece of my heart , would you be my princess?"

"YES , oh niall I would love too!"

I pulled him into another kiss.

Then we heard a roar.


Me and niall jumped up to see scott from derek's pack looking really pissed.


Niall Jumped out of the car he also sent a connection to atlanta and liam getting back up.

"Ok scott lets fight for her , who wins gets her."

Scott smirked evily and transformed to a werewolf but it was short lived when atlanta jumped on his neck.

Soon niall and liam were all on top of scott.

Thats when scott sratched atlanta's face smacking her right off him.

I ran over to her and saw a bleeding scratch on her right eye.

"I can't see out of my right eye! MICHELLE!"

I gave her and hug and let a few tears fall.

I Then heard a sickening crack and a whimper.

Then a thump.

I turned around and saw scott lying on the floor dead and niall and liam both badly injured.

"We meed to get them back to cassie!" Atlanta jumped up still bleeding but she didn't care.

I grabbed niall while she grabbed liam and threw them into the car.

I floored it all the way back to the house.

ME and Atlanta threw the boys on the couches and ran up to cassie's room.

Me and atlanta were shocked to see zayn cuddling with cassie but we had bigger problems to deal with.

"Cassie WAKE UP PLEASE WE NEED YOU!" Atlanta screamed.

Cassie and zayn bolted up.

"Whats wrong?" Cassie and zayn both said.

"Niall and Liam are hurt they got into a fight with scott , they killed scott but they got bit!" I came in.

Cassie swore to her self then ran down stairs.

"Zayn get me a cup atlanta wake everyone else up michelle sit next to me!" Cassie snapped at everyone.

Zayn came back with a cup and louis atlanta and katie all came down stairs.

"Ok Louis I need you to suck the saliva out of liam!" Cassie told louis , he nodded and started.

Cassie did the same with niall and spit the saliva into the cup.

After that she finally healed both the boys.

"They will be knocked out for a while michelle you can take niall to bed , same with you atlanta."

We both nodded.

When I laid niall down I gave him a kiss.

"Thank you for defending me."

(Cassie POV)

I cleaned up the mess down stairs then headed back to bed.

As I passed by harry's room I could hear sobbing.

I ran in and saw him crying bloody tears.

'Harry whats wrong?"

He looks up a me with blood soaked cheeks.

"I didn't mean to say any of those things cassie , I love you with all my heart , im soo sorry baby I-I-I."

I stopped him there with a big kiss.

We stayed like that for a while before I pulled away.

"Harry i love you too and I would never leave you ok?"

He smiled and nodded.

I wiped his cheeks from the bloddy tears then hugged him.

we soon fell asleep in ech others arms.



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