Bloody Love

Nobody knows the secret the boys are hiding.

Nobody except cassie.

When cassie finds out one direction's dirty little secret her life plunges into a never ending nightmare!

Will she find love or will she become there next meal?


5. Louis


After we got out of the pool the guys went to the fridge to get some blood.

They don't kill girls anymore instead they get the blood from the hospital.

That's when something hit me.

I see Zayn,Niall,Harry,and Liam but no Louis?

I finally got the courage to stand up and ask them.

"Umm wheres Louis? I haven't seen him sense the concert."

They all looked down disappointed but why?

"Here ill show you." Harry stood up and brought me to a door.

"He's in here."


He looked down and sighed.

"When we were feeding on that one girl he went off and killed 3 other girls just for himself, so when he got home we screamed at him but he caught sent of you and we told him he has to start drinking  medical bag blood for the sake of you and no more killing girls he went on a rampage stormed out of the house killed 5 more Innocent girls so when we caught him we locked him in his room and he's been here sense that night."

My jaw dropped.

How could louis the prankster of the group be so evil?

"I don't know either love."harry spoked up.

"What does he do in there all day?"

"He plays with his phone and twitter and watch tv."

"So basically he is starving now?"

"Yup cause every time we go in there with some blood he refuses it."

"Wow and I thought me and louis would be good friends."

He nodded and lead me back to the kitchen.

The boys had just finished there blood and I finished my breakfast.

"DAMN IT!" We heard from upstairs.

"Just ignore it , its just louis getting hungry." Liam said.

Harry looked in the fridge and sighed.

"Here liam take another bag up to him see if he'll eat."

Liam nodded and took the bag up.

Harry grabbed me by the waist and took me to the living room where we watched Teen Wolf.

I was drooling over derek hale.

"Babe stop drooling!" Harry shouted while laughing.

I wiped it away then smiled.

That's when zayn walked in.

"Harry were going to pick up groceries we need you to come with us."

He nodded.

Liam came down and smiled.

"FINALLY he ate."

Harry put a thumbs up then turned to me.

"You wanna come with us?"

"Nah ill stay here and drool over derek hale some more." I said with a smile.

"Alright babe but be careful and DON"T go near louis."

"I promise."

They left in a flash leaving me with sexy derek hale once again.

I was nearly done with the episode when I heard a door creak from upstairs.

Wait all the guys are gone except louis.

And sure enough out poped louis on the bottom of the stair way.


He smirked.

"Well poor dumb liam forgot to lock the door love."

He walked more into the living room , his eyes were pure red and his fangs were sticking out.

I brought my knees to my chest scared out of my mind.

"I won't hurt you cassie just wanna get to know you sense you are together with dear harry."

He sat right next to me and put a hand on my shoulder which I flinshed at his touch.

"Cassie im still the prankmaster silly fun guy I've just been hungry and moody."

"No you've been killing people louis." I said finally finding my voice.

He smirked and got closer to me.

"Yes I have but im still the louis everyone loves."

"Yeah intill they become your meal."

He smirked and pinned me hovering over my neck.

"Yep but may I say there blood dosen't smell as good as yours."

I closed my eyes making sure he dosen't hynotise me.

"Aww Cassie im sad im not a monster please open your eyes?"


But instead he bent down and kissed me.

His kisses were nothing like harry's , his were filled with hunger for blood while harry's actually wanted me not my blood but me.

He sent the kisses down to my neck suducting me.

I opened my eyes and tryed to shove him off me.

He laughed the most demonic laugh ever.

"Nice try love but your little human strength is nothing compared to me."

He stared in my eyes hypnotsing me leaving me weak and defenless.

"Please louis don't do this."

"Sorry love but your blood is just too good."

He bent down teeth grazing my neck.

"LOUIS? OH MY GOD CASSIE!" Harry scremed while pushing louis off.

The boys grabbed louis and shoved him back to his room this time locking it.

"Babe are you ok did he bite you?"

I shook my head still dizzy.

"Im going to kill him I swear."

I looked at him and hugged him.

"If you wouldn't have came Id be under his power thank you harry."

He hugged me back then picked me up and brought me to his room.

"Get some sleep cassie you look tierd."

I nodded and let him cover me up.

I was out like a light.

 (Sorry guys for the short chapter but come on LOUIS IS EVIL!!! lol but that's only the beginning for cassie keep checking back I will update soon bye for now -Cheyann)




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