Bloody Love

Nobody knows the secret the boys are hiding.

Nobody except cassie.

When cassie finds out one direction's dirty little secret her life plunges into a never ending nightmare!

Will she find love or will she become there next meal?


2. HELP!!



I was in the front row and Harry winked at me.

Lets say I saw my life flash before my eyes.

I was now at the meet and greet ready to meet them up close.

I come up to liam first.

"Hey liam how are you today?"

He smiled.

"Great but really tierd and hungry."

"Well knowing niall im sure you guys will get something soon."

"Yeah I know ,whats your name?"


"Beautiful name."

"Aww thanks liam and great meeting you."

He smiled and gave me a hug before tending to the next fan.

Now to louis.

"Hey louis I see someone got you with silly string." I giggled.

"Yeah I can blame harry for that one."

"Why did he spray you?"

"Because I touched his curls."

"Well are you going to get him back later?"


We high fived.

"Ok so whats your name?"

"Cassie and can I get a hug?"

He laughed and gave me a hug.

"Bye louis post on twitter what you did ok."

"Ok bye cassie."

I moved on to niall who was staring a the pizza box near the back.

"Getting hungry niall?"I laughed.

"Uh huh."

I laughed even harder.

"Anyways whats your name?"

"Cassie ,do you mind if I can get a hug."

He hugged me but held on a little longer.

"Umm niall you can let go now."

"Oh sorry."

"Its fine I love hugs."

"ME TOO!"He screamed.

"Yay hug buddies!"

We hugged once again then laughed.

"Bye niall."

"Bye hug buddy!"

Next was zayn who was looking a little uncomfortable.

"Hey zayn you ok?"

He looked at me and smiled.

"Oh yeah i'm fine just a little tierd."

"Oh ok umm Vas Happinin?"

We both laughed.

"Whats your name sweet heart?"

"Cassie and you didn't answer me."

We laughed again.

"Well sitting here talking to you." He said while smiling.

I was then sprayed with silly string by harry.

"UH HARRY!!" I laughed

Zayn was dieing of laughter over in his chair.

"Bye zayn hey can I get a hug real quick?"

"Sure thing!"

We hugged.

Now time to face harry.

"Your mean harry styles." I said giggling.

He gave me his famous smirk.

"Oh am I know?"He said with a chuckle.


He laughed.

"So whats your name babe?"

"Cassie."I blushed when he called me babe.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl."

"Aww thanks harry."

"No problem at all."

"Oh before I forget can I have a hug?"

We hugged and he gave me a kiss on the cheek making me turn deep red.

"Wait cassie before you go."

Before I knew it all the boys sprayed me with silly string covering me from head to toe.

"UH GUYS!!" I Laughed really hard.

Then Harry shouted.


My eyes widened as they pulled out loads of water ballons.


Too Late.

They pelted me with water balloons intill I was soacked.

"YOU GUYS ARE SO MEAN!!" I laughed trying to wring out my hair.

"Sorry love but it was funny." Harry said still in giggles.

I grabbed my Cd they signed and smiled.

"Bye guys thanks for the amazing night that I will NEVER forget."

"Bye cassie!" They all shouted.

I walked out with the biggest smile on my face.


I looked at the Cd and saw they all gave me there numbers and wrote a little note.

Liam's said ,"Your the best girl I have ever met call me some time." -Liam

Louis's said ,"Call me some time I need some one to help me prank the guys." -Louis the carrot king

Niall's said ,"YAY I have a new hug buddy , call me sometime if you ever need a hug." -Niall your hug buddy

Zayn's said ,"Your a really cool and sweet girl , call me sometimes , we can hang out maybe at the hotel." -Zayn Vas Happinin?

Harry's said ,"Your really beautiful especially your eyes , your laugh , and the way you blush, maybe we can hang out sometime, So I just met you an this is crazy but here's my number so call me maybe?" -Harry loves ya

I almost screamed.

I went to the bathroom on my way out.

While I was washing my hands I heard screaming coming from outside.

I first shrugged it off it was probably just a girl flipping out over the concert.

But then it came again this time filled with terror.

I looked out the window into the alley way to see where it was coming from.

The scream came again coming from a door at the end of the alley.

I walked out and into the alley.

They screams became softer and softer.

As I peaked into the the door my mind was affically gone.

My enemy Katherine was tied to a table while zayn , liam , niall, and harry where surrounding her biting her but the weird thing was I didn't see louis.

I was affically scared out of my fucking mind.

I watched helplessly as they drainned the life out of her.

They pulled back blood dripping from there lips down there face.

"YUCK , zayn thats the last time I let you pick our meal." Harry hissed in disgust.

"Harry's right dude that girl's blood was really sour." Liam said while looking at katherines lifeless body.

"I should of smelt her to check if she was mean or not." Zayn said while looking down.

"IM STILL HUNGRY!!" Niall screamed.

Harry nodded.

"Me too."

Thats when his face brightened up.

"Hey I know where we can get another meal."

"Who?"All the boys said in a union.

"You remember that girl cassie from the meet and greet?"

"Yeah?"Again all in union.

"When I gave her a hug I smelt her blood it was sweeter than candy."

"Well duh its because she is sweet and kind." Liam said.

Harry glared at him before speaking once again.

"She would make a perfect snack."

They all smiled and started for the door.

I ran as fast as I could back to the bathrooms.

I locked my self in a stall.

I let out a sigh of relief , ha they can't get me in the girls bathroom.

As got out of the stall and put my ear against the door.

I couldn't hear anything so I looked out the window to make sure it was clear.

I smiled.

I lost them thank the lord.

I grabbed my stuff and ran from the bathroom.

HA I still can't believe I fooled them.

I was still laughing when I bumped into something hard.


I looked up to see harry's green eyes glowing like orbs.

I thought fast and played dumb.

"Why fancy meeting you hear cassie."

"Yeah I was just using the bathroom before I called my mom."

Soon the rest of the boys came out.

"Oh hey guys when did y'all get here?" I said chuckling.

Damn Im a good actor.

"Nice try cassie now tell us the truth."

"NO!" I shouted.

Harry smirked at the guys then turned back to me with glowing red eyes.

I looked into his eyes and immediately fell deeper into them.

"Now tell us the truth!"

I had no control over myself at all.

"I was in the bathroom when I heard screaming then I saw you guys kill katherine and talk about drinking my blood so I ran back to the bathroom."

He contineued to step forward burying me deeper into his control.

"Come with us cassie all is well we just want to show you our room."

Deep down I was trying to fight but he had me in his power.

They brought me into the room and sat me down on the couch.

Harry realised me from his stare smirking at my confustion.

I heard harry whisper that he would get first bite.

My eyes widened and I took off toward the front door sense they didn't lock it yet.

I was so close to the door when two pair of arms swooped me up.

"Oh come on cassie your fine with us."

I could tell it was harry.

He pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me.

His cold lips moved with mine , making me fall for him.

He started kissing me down my jawline and to my neck.

I shut my eyes trying to resist the pleasure.

"Oh come on cassie let me see those gorgeous eyes."

He started sucking on my sweet spot.

I opened my eyes and moned.

"Aww now I see them so bright and sparkly."

He stared into my eyes locking me under his power while the others just waited for there turns.

"Now this may hurt a tiny bit but I promise it will all be over soon."

I noded still under his seductive hold.

Harry kissed my neck multiple times before sinking his razor sharp fangs deep into my throat.

I moaned in pain but that was all I could do.

Harry moaned as he drank more and more intill he finally pulled away.

"See love that wasn't so bad was it?"

I shook my head.

"Go ahead guys dig in but DON"T kill her!"

Zayn and Liam got my neck while Niall got my wrist.

They drank a lot more then expected.

I soon got dizzy and fainted.

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