Bloody Love

Nobody knows the secret the boys are hiding.

Nobody except cassie.

When cassie finds out one direction's dirty little secret her life plunges into a never ending nightmare!

Will she find love or will she become there next meal?


12. Harry Gone Wild


We finally land in London.

The plane became surrounded by screaming fans.

Sense my hair is dyed a different color no one will recognize me.

Lots of fans were screaming there head off trying to get the boys attention.

Harry helped me through and we got out of the wave of fans.

We had a limo take us to a flat the boys had.

As we got in harry showed me to my room.

"It's perfect , I love it." I said amazed.

There was already a queen sized bed in it.

"Hey babe im tierd im going to get some sleep."

"Ok night." HE kissed my forehead then went out leaving me to some peaceful rest.

I kept hearing laughing from my inside my room.

I opened my eyes a tiny bit to see the guys where standing there making funny faces at me.


"(in sleepy voice)noooooo we're to tierd." I mummbled.

"Come on love get up." Harry cooed.

"NO!" I snapped back sounding like a child.

"Alright we asked nicely now we have to use force." Zayn smiled.

They Jumped on my bed and picked me up.

"Where in the world are you guys taking me?"

I looked up and saw that harry and zayn had my arms and louis niall and liam had my legs carring me down stairs and out to the patio near the pool.



They all just looked at me with evil smiles.


We were right next to the pool and there evil smiles grew bigger.

Zayn-On the count of three guys.


I was thrown into the pool.


my pj's were soaked so I stripped then off and stayed in my underwear and bra.

Harry was looking me up and down.

They all jumped in making me laugh.

I came up and playfully dunked harry back down.

He and liam started tickling me on my ribs (im very ticklish).

"Stop guys please *laughs really hard*." 

"First say harry is a sexy beast." Harry piped in.


"Ok then." He and liam tickled me harder I was literally in tears from laughing so hard.


"I know I am." He gave me a sly grin.

We played in the pool for a while.

When we finally got out It was late so I went and changed into some more pj's.

Harry popped in and smiled.

"Babe ill be back soon im going to get more groceries for you ok?" I smiled and made my way over to him and pecked his lips.

"See you soon baby."

He smiled and left.

I walked down stairs and smiled at the rest of the boys and joined then watching more wwe.

(Harry POV)

I had just finished putting all the groceries in my car when I saw a lady with blood really sweet but not as sweet as cassie.

My mouth watered and my fangs came out.

She had to other chicks with her.

Without any control I ran for then and drank each and everone of then dry.

I could feel my power growing back to me.

I smiled evily.

I finally have another power.

The power to shape shift into anything except a wolf thats for werewolves.

I got into the car and sped off to find more blood.


I was pacing back and forth along with the boys.

Where is he? He should have been back by now?

We heard thedoor slam and someone go to harry's room.

"He's here." Zayn jumped up.

I stopped all of them.

"IM going up there to see if he's ok , if I need any help ill scream ok?"

They all nodded.

As I climbed the stair way I saw tiny droplets of blood.

I went to his door and just walked in.

"HARRY YOUR COVERED IN BLOOD!" I whispered yelled.

He was on the bed smirking evily.

"Im ok cassie just got a little carried away." He chuckled demonicly.

"Harry you drank human blood?"

He smiled and nodded before walking over to me.

He wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me.

I pulled away and gagged at the coppery taste.


He backed me against the wall and kissed me again.

I didn't kiss back which made him pissed off.

"KISS ME BACK!" He growled into me ear.

I didn't want to die so I did what I was told and kissed him back.

His kisses went down to my neck.

"Cassie I would love to see you as a vampire, why don't we do it now." He smiled evily.

"NO! GUYS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed intill harry covered my mouth.

"Its ok cassie I still love you and im doing this for us."

He was about to bite in when all the boys pulled him off me and got me out of there while locking the door.

I was shaking in zayn's arms.

"Don't worry cassie he will be fine in the morning he just drank blood and his vampire side is up and focused on getting more blood." Louis said after locking the door.

I nodded and wipped my mouth from the blood.

"Cassie do you want to sleep in one of our beds tonight?" Zayn piped up.

I nodded again and chose him.

He brought me back to his bedroom and covered me up before getting into bed himself.

"Thanks zayn." I spoke up.

"No problem cassie get some sleep."

He wrapped his arms around me and snuggled closer.

I smiled and let sleep take over.


HOLY MOTHER OF GOD HARRY FLIPPED HIS TOP lol well cassie almost beacame a vampire , again anyways hoped you loved it :D


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