Bloody Love

Nobody knows the secret the boys are hiding.

Nobody except cassie.

When cassie finds out one direction's dirty little secret her life plunges into a never ending nightmare!

Will she find love or will she become there next meal?


17. GIRL DAY!!!!!!!



Michelle pulled away and smiled at me.

"So can you please tell me how all this happened!" She giggled.

I nodded and started the whole story.

"Well I know your going to kill me for this but I had gotten tickets to one direction , I was going to surprise you but you said you couldn't come over so , anyways I went to there concert and meet and greet and met these lovley blood sucking boys here."

I pointed to all the boys.

She smiled and urged me to contineue.

"So they all signed my cd and left there phone number's on it , which I still have , Then they threw water ballons at me and silly string and harry flirted with me."

Harry smirked at the thought.

"Ok get on with it aready!" Michelled laughed.

"Well I used the bathroom and heard screaming ran to where the screaming was coming from then saw 4 of the boys drinking Katherine dodge dry."

"Wait as in the rat bitch katherine?"

I nodded and laughed.

"Anyways so I was terrifighed then , Harry here had this amazing Idea to try to find me and drink from me next!"

He laughed which mayde everyone else laugh as well.

"So I halled ass only to be caught by him , he used his powers on me brought me back to the room , I tried to escape they caught me again harry used his seduction power on me then bit me."

He chuckled. "And may I say It was fun contolling you."

I elbowed him in the arm then finished my story.

"Well the after he bit me he let the rest of the boys besides louis drink from me and I passed out so they kidnapped me and well here I am now a vampire."

"Wow wait where was louis?" Michelle looked at louis in confustion.

Niall put an arm around her and whispered.

"He had at the time beacame evil and well killed other girls."

She nodded then smiled.

"Im getting a little tierd." Niall smiled and picked her up bringing her to his room.

I turned to harry and gave him a kiss.

"Thank you harry , it feels really good to see my best friend again."

He pulled me onto his lap and teased me with his lips.

"No problem babe."

He then lifted me up and brought me to bed.

I cuddled into his chest and fell into a much needed sleep.


I woke up to a still sleeping harry.

Perfect girl time!

I walked to atlanta and katie's room and woke them up.

"Whats up cassie?" Atlanta smiled.

"Me , you two , and michelle are going to have a girls day get dressed while I get michelle and get dressed myself , Oh and don't wake up the boys!"

They evily smiled and nodded.

I walked to niall's room and saw him cuddling michelle in his sleep.

I smiled and walked up to michelle poking her nose.

"What? cassie whats up?" I shushed her.

"We are going to have a girls day now don't wake up the boys get dressed and meet us down stairs.

She smiled and nodded.

I went back to my sepperate room and got dressed in a Ribbon Heart Keyhole Tank Top , Hollister Co First Point Shorts ,  and Black Converse All Star Xxhi.

I slipped on the paper airplane necklace harry gave me and put on a little bit of make up.

I walked down stairs and saw the girls all ready to go.

We all smiled then went to my car. (MY CAR pic) >>>>>>>>>>>>

"Now lets go shopping!" I screamed.

We all laughed and took off to the mall.

We all went to diffrent stores. 

I bought myself a Rebel Yell Smile Cropped Boyfriend Sweatshirt , FULL TILT Lace Shoulder Stripe Top , Converse Graffiti Chucks , Converse Chuck Taylor All Star British Flag Hi, Unisex Sneaker , Miss Me Feliz Jean Shorts , AZTEC PRINT D-DYE DENIM SHORTS , (PJ"s) ONE DIRECTION 1D SINGLET PICTURE SPAGHETTI STRAP SHIRT PRINTING BLACK , PJ Salvage Stay The Night Pants , Lipsy Don't Wait Up Pj Trouser Set , Glass Heart Love Lust Crop Top ,  and Old Navy Womens College Team PJ Pants.

We all met back up at the food court where we ate McDonalds.

"This was awesome!!!!!!!!!! best girl day ever!"

We all laughed intill we heard my ringtone for harry which was Kiss You By well them , then we all knew they had woken up.


I woke up and looked over to find no cassie.

I jumped out of bed and slipped on my boxer's before running into atlanta and katie's room to find they weren't there either.

I ran throught the whole house and couldn't find them.

I was in the hall way when Niall came running out scared out of his mind.

"Harry is Michelle with you?" 

"No I can't find cassie or the other two either." Liam and Louis came rushing out scared.

"Where could they be?" Liam asked.

"Here I'll try calling cassie." I grabbed my phone and dialled her number.

(Phone CONVO)


Me-Cassie thank god , where in bloody hell are you and the girls?

Cassie-*Giggles with the rest of the girls* We are having a girl day , you know shopping , lunch?

Me-*Growls* You could have told us before you left , we have been worried sick about yall.

Cassie-Babe you guys need to calm your nuts we are fine , and we didn't want to bother yall you guys all look so peaceful sleeping.

Me-*Growls again* I don't care if we are sleeping tell us where you guys are at we will meet you there.

Cassie-No we are having a girl time now leave us alone!


She hung up on me.

I tried her again but she turned off her phone so it went straight to voice mail.

"Niall try michelle!" I snapped

He dialled her number but it went straight to voice mail so did atlanta's and katie's.


I walked into zayn's room and woke him up.

"Whats wrong harry?" He asked in a sleepy voice.

"We are going on a search to find the girls they ran off on a girls day and didn't tell us now cassie won't tell me where they are at."

He nodded and got dressed.

I ran into my room and pulled on my clothes.

Then we all ran to my car and took off.

Oh they are so screwed when we find them.

(Back to Cassie POV)

We all laughed really hard after I hung up on him.

"Damn I didn't expect them to be mad?" Atlanta laughed.

 "I know right god some on woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!" I laughed back.

Michelle's phone rang it was niall so we just ignored it.

"Hey girls come help me find louis a present his b-day is coming up!" Katie smiled as she stood up.

"Sure let go!" We all followed her around the store intill a pair of two girls of One Direction came up to me.

"Omg hi cassie we are big supporters of you and harry's relationship , can we please get a pic and your autograph."

They both smiled.

I looked at them and smiled.

"Sure thing!."

After a few photos with me and the rest of the girls , the two girls said there thanks and walked off.

"Huh that was very nice." Michelle smiled.

"Yeah uggg I can't find anything louis would like!" Katie growled in fustration.

"How about you tell him how you feel about him?" I piched in.

She smiled.


We all walked around more intill I coaught sent of harry walking into the mall.

"SHIT Girls there here RUN!" 

We took off running!




( Hey guys well i've been thinking sense I have a lot of fans I should give you all a nickname so please comment what would you like to be called lots of love -Cheyann)



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