Moving On..

16 year-old, sweet, and proper, Emily Underwood, is pregnant, and guess who the father is? Yes, you got it. Harry Styles. 1/5 of world-renowned boy band One Direction. Maybe a one night stand at a simple club, could lead to bigger things. But what happens when Harry finds out that Emily is pregnant? Will he stay with her, and come to love her? Or will he shun her away, never to speak to her again?

Read to find out..<3


2. I'm Pregnant...

  I felt my eyes blur, and my vision began to become fuzzy. I held the test in my shaking hand. It read positive. Sixteen, pregnant, and living alone, this was never how I thought my life would end up. I hadn't even wanted to lose my virginity, especially to a pop star loved by girls everywhere. Tears slid down my cheeks and dropped onto my bare legs. 

   It had been three weeks since the day I had sex with Harry. And I haven't talked to him since.. I pondered in my mind as to whom I would have to call first. Certainly not my dad..or my sister. I had no friends to confide in, and my mom had passed away years ago. I guess that just leaves Harry... I shook my head violently no, it had to be my dad, no matter how much he disliked me already. 

   My dad had kicked me out of the house a few months back, because apparently I was already an adult. I had passed the G.E.D's -General Education Development test here in California- early, when I was sixteen, which means that I graduated High School early. I could still continue going to school but I decided not to. He was outraged that I had actually passed the test, and kicked me out of the small house that I had shared with him and my 14 year-old little sister Daniella. 

   I pulled my cellphone out of my back pocket nervously. How could I be pregnant? More tears slipped out of my eyes and felt my chin start to wobble. I dialed his number quickly and held the phone to my ear as it rang. I had to get this over with before I changed my mind. 

   "Hello?" My dads voiced echoed in my ear. I froze then shakily spoke into the phone. 

   "Dad?" I said, my voice making it obvious the I had been crying. "I need to talk to you, I'm on my way over there now." I tell him, grabbing my car keys off the kitchen counter and stepping outside of my apartment, locking the door behind me. 

    "Whats wrong princess?" He asked worriedly. He really did care about me, and love me, he was just extremely angry. 

   "I need to talk to you." I sob into the phone as I step into my car and start it up. "I'll be there in a few." I say, then hang up before he can get in a word. 


   I cry loudly as I pull into the driveway of my old home. My mother would be so disappointed in me. I stop the car and look up into the sky as I get out of the car carefully and walk up to the house. 

   "I'm sorry mom." I whisper softly, and at that moment my father came rushing out of the house.

   "Em!" He ran into me and hugged me tightly. "You okay sweetie? Whats going on?" He pulls me back and looks me in the eyes. More tears slide out. 

    "Daddy," I croak, and try to continue talking but nothing comes out. His eyes began to tear up.

    "What is it sweetie? You can tell me." He cups his hands around me wet face, and all I can do is point to my stomach and he immediately backs away.

    "You aren' you Em? Please, tell you aren't." He begs me.

    I just stand there and sob with my hands in my face; I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders and I look up to see my sister standing next to me. She leads me into the house and upstairs to her bedroom and I collapse onto her bed. 

    There was silence for a few minutes. 

   "Emily..are you really pregnant?" She smiles at me. I shot her a death stare.

   "Its nothing to smile about Dani. This isn't good. At all." I say, my throat scratchy. 

   "Em! Of course its a good thing! You're going to have a baby!" She hugs me. "Wait, who's the dad?"

   "Harry Styles.." I murmur under my breath. 

   "What?" She giggled. "I can't hear you."

    "Harry Styles.." I manage to slip out of my mouth, a little louder this time. Her eyes grow large and a hand reaches up to her mouth as she gasps.


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