Moving On..

16 year-old, sweet, and proper, Emily Underwood, is pregnant, and guess who the father is? Yes, you got it. Harry Styles. 1/5 of world-renowned boy band One Direction. Maybe a one night stand at a simple club, could lead to bigger things. But what happens when Harry finds out that Emily is pregnant? Will he stay with her, and come to love her? Or will he shun her away, never to speak to her again?

Read to find out..<3


3. Harry.

   Harry's P.O.V

   "Gimme a call sometime hmm?" I smirk at the beautiful girl standing before me. It was the after-show of our first show in Carson City, Nevada for the Up All Night world tour. She just smiles brightly and nods. I smirk again, I like perky girls. 

   "Alright," She giggles and I slip a piece of paper with my number on it into her small hand. 

   "See you around sometime babe." I wink and turn to walk away when I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I didn't recognize the number, but foolishly answered it anyways. 

   "Hello?" I say as I push past the crowds of people backstage and step into some random closet to get some privacy. "Who is this?" I speak a little louder this time and I hear an immediate response. 

   "Its Emily." A girl with a soft voice answered. "Emily..from California?" 

   "Ohh, god." I mutter to myself. "Hey Emily how are you doing love?" 

   "You need to come back to California..its serious." She says sternly and my palms begin to start sweating- I rub them on my pants. 

   "Whats wrong?" I ask cautiously. 

   "I uhh...think it would be better if I talked to you in person. Where are you?" She asks.

   "Nevada..I can be in California in two hours if its that serious.." I say truthfully. 

   "Okay, do you remember where my apartment is?" 

   "I think so, yeah. I'll be there as soon as I can." I respond nearly too quickly and hang up. I wonder what is going on that is so important?

    You know, I'm really not a bad guy. I'm just a hormonally imbalanced teenager that just so happens to be famous. And all because of that, people think that I'm considered a player. I mean, I guess I am like a player in some ways. I mess with can't blame me! 

    Truthfully, I don't have sex with just any girl. That girl has to be special. And I mean really special. And that Emily, was special. 

    As I pulled into the small apartment buildings' parking garage my phone began to ring. I put my car in park and pulled out my phone.

    "Hello?" I sigh.

    "Hello Harry. Where did you go? The party was just starting!"  I heard loud thumbing music in the background of Liam's deep voice. 

    "I got a call during the party," I begin. "I needed to be somewhere. Listen, I'll call you back in a few. Bye mate." I hang up the phone quickly and jump out of the car. Jogging up to Emily's apartment.


Emily's P.O.V.

    I heard a faint knock on my apartment's cheap wooden door and walked over to it. I knew that I looked terrible. My already pale skin was even whiter than usual, my green eyes were discolored and puffy, and my curly auburn hair was pulled back into a messy bun. And to make things worse, my apartment was a mess and my dad refused to talk to me.

    I opened the door and saw Harry standing before me. He had a little smile on his face but it turned into a frown when he saw me.

    "'Emily, what is it? What's wrong love? I usually don't come back to see girls..but..this sounded like an emergency. What is going on?" He asked worriedly.

    I take hold of both of his hands and drag him over to my living room. We both sit down on my ratty old couch and I turn to look at him. My eyes threatening to burst out tears.

    "Something is wrong.." I say.

    "Well obviously Emily! What is it, you're starting to scare me?!" He nearly yelled.

    My throat tightened and tears escaped out of my eyes. I rubbed them away quickly and cleared my throat. "Harry..I-I don't know how to tell you this.." I begin.

    His face automatically drained of all color and he pulled his hands away from mine. 

    "I'm pregnant." I tell him quietly but by looking at his face. I knew that he had already known. He just didn't want to have to believe it. 

    "Bu-but..we..used a condom!" He screamed in anger. "How could this have happened?! I'm not ready to be a parent! I'm 18! What am I going to do.." He said lowering his voice. 

     "You? What are you going to do? Are you kidding me?! What are we going to do Harry?!" I scream. "I get it. You're eighteen and you're not ready to be a parent. But did you even think about me?! I'm 16!! I should still be in High School! I live alone! My life sucks enough already, I don't need to add a   baby to it.. I should just get an abortion." I sob. My vision clouded with tears. 

    He stands in front of me. His back to me, and he suddenly turns around. His eyes filled with anger and fury, and his body shaking.

    "You will NOT get an abortion. You aren't going to kill a soul." His teeth gritted and I shook violently sobbing. His expression softened and he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. Cradling me softly as we cry in each others arms. 


Harry's P.O.V.

    My vision eventually began to come back to normal. Thoughts were blowing up in my head. Maybe adoption would work? What are my parents going to think? I'm going to have to pay for the child, and so is Emily. Oh, poor Emily. She's only 16.

   "Emily..?" I begin to ask, "What does your family think about this?" 

   She sniffs up and wipes her tears away. "My dad hasn't spoken to me since I told him yesterday morning, but my sister is all excited for a new baby in the family. She is young so she doesn't understand..and she's especially excited because YOU'RE the father. She's a big fan." She laughs wearily, sadness dripping in her voice.

   "And your mum?" I say, softer. 

   Silence. "She died." Is all she said, and she burst into tears again. I smoothed down her hair and rocked her back and forth. 

   "It will all be okay." I whisper into her ear. "Everything will be just fine." I lie.

   "I think," She sniffed up once more. "Maybe we should gather our families and closest friends together tomorrow, and just break the news to them. My family already knows but they will probably want to be there when you tell yours.. We could invite them all here, I'll clean it up." She tells me. 

   I nod. It sounded perfect, my family was all here in California to visit. So we could just invite them. "Alright, sounds good." She nodded.

   "Harry, its already past midnight, why don't you just stay here tonight. Make the calls in the morning," She offers to me. I kiss the top of her head and thank her.

   "Thank you can you be so nice to me? I got you pregnant! What are we going to do?" I raise my voice but she calms me down quickly.

    "I don't know yet. We'll figure something out. We just need people to support us. Hopefully your family will be better about it than mine was." Emily states. I agree, but I hardly doubt it. 




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