One Direction imagines

Lots of one direction imagines if u want one just ask or kik me on piegirl28 and tell me which boy and I will write one for you


1. Harry imagine

You were at a carnival with your boyfriend Harry.You were just walking around looking for a ride to go on when you walked past a store with a huge bear that says hug me on it Harry saw you staring at it and walked you over there when you got closer you noticed that the store was one of those ones where you have to knock the coconut of this stand.Harry paid for you both to try and you knocked over 2 where Harry knocked over 5 he had one more go and he needed one more coconut down or you wouldn't get the big bear he through but it missed by centimetres away from the coconut.As much as you wanted the bear you said to Harry oh well doesn't matter but he said no it does matter y/n I want to win that for you because I love you you were shocked by what he said because that was the first time he said that he loved you.You said I love you too but I don't want you to hurt yourself he told you he wouldn't but you were correct he hurt himself by doing it again so you decided to take him home and when you arrived you sat him on the couch and got an ice pack out of the freezer and put it on his arm and say down next to him when he put you on his lap and gave you a soft passionate kiss and said " Sorry I didn't get you the prize" and you said I did get my prize it's you and gave him another kiss
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