The Canadian Kid...

He' s the new kid Ally falls for him, well of course with those lovely brown eyes and beautiful flippy hair. All the girls like him especially Selena the popular girl will she get to him before Ally does?


1. Whispers

I woke up and threw on a a black and white polka dot shirt and my black shorts and a pink scarf. I ran to the bathroom and did my make up and just thew my hair up in a bun. I went downstairs and grabbed a half eaten pop tart that was laying in the toaster. I really didn't care about anything I was late it was a good thing i live right across the street. I got in the school and started walking to my locker the entire way there i heard whispers were they talking about me and how I probably had hot fudge pop tart in my teeth. Ugh i ran to my locker meeting Jane one of my best friend "Hey what is everyone whispering about"? "There is a new kid in town he just moved from Canada and I here hes like some music prodigy" Jane said, Jane is always top of the gossip she knows everything once it happens. Well whoever this new Canadian kid is must be cool if they haven't even gotten here yet and is top of the gossip chart. I went to first period with Allegra another one of my best friends we were talking about this new kid of course in whispers. I sat down in my seat when I got to class 12 minutes into class there was a knock at the door we all turned to look. A gorgeous kid walked in. Me and Allegra looked at him as if Jesus just walked into the room, "Hi im Justin Bieber, and im supposed to be in Mr.Mikes math class is this it"?, "Yes it is Justin Mr.Mikes said you can take a seat next to Ally" I raised my hand and patted the seat where Justin would be sitting. I looked over towards Allegra she gave me the dead-right-now look, I smiled. "Hey can i copy off your notes"? I was so busy mind talking to Allegra I hardly realized that Justin asked me a question "oh yeah here"  I handed him my notebook he copied things and handed it back. "So your Ally" he whispered, "mm-hmm, and your Justin", "Hah does this teacher talk and talk and talk?", "be prepared that's all he does", "Hah so your cute AND funny" omg did he just cal me cute? omg omg "well I guess I am" I said trying to play it off.  "Mr. Bieber what is x+y-t divided by 4 if x =12.9     and t= 29.47 and y = 14.6?", "I don't know im Canadian" we all died laughing throughout the rest of the day things were cool between me and justin.


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