From the Bottom to the Top

Caitlin was your ordinary loser at school, constantly tormented by every other person who goes there. That all changes when One Direction come to their school to speak out about suicide and drug usage. The loser from the bottom climbs her way to the top when Liam Payne takes an interest....


2. Unexpected Heroes


Me and the boys were walking down one of the halls in this confusing school, trying to find our way back to the auditorium. Because of Louis, we are wondering the halls completely lost, All because he wanted to explore.. "This loser is crying.. look at her. Just because i gave her a reality check on who and what she is.. How pathetic.." I stopped and looked at the boys, all of which looked as pissed as i was. We walked towards a classroom that had a lot of sounds of laughter coming from it. When we walked up to the door the first thing i saw was 2 girls standing in the back of the class, one crying, one laughing. "Leave her alone.." I said the girl holding the other one dropped her arm and stared wide eyed at me. The one that was being held and tortured ran out of the room, crying. I glared at all of the people in the class and ran off after her. I saw her go into the bathroom and i began to slow down. When i got there i heard sobs coming from inside. "Hello?" The crying quieted down for a minute. "I know you're in here... just come out for a second please.." The crying started again, but this time seemed to be getting closer. After about a second or two i saw the girl with tear tracks down her face and her eyes red. I didn't know what to do so i held my arms out to hug her. She slowly walked into my arms, crying onto my shirt. The crying stopped a few minutes later and she walked back in to the bathroom. She re-appeared with her books and walked past me. "Hey, wait a minute.." I said. She turned around and gave me a confused look. "Whats you're name, love?" "Uhh.. Caitlin.." She said, looking at her book. "Well, Caitlin... Why are they bullying you? What've you done?" She shrugged "They've been doing that for a while now.. I just don't know why.." I feel for this girl, in 8th grade i went through the same shit.. I resorted to fighting and almost got expelled. "Well, just.. come on, me and the boys will talk to them.." I put my arm around her and she dropped her head, blushing. I smiled at her and she looked up at me and gave me a small smile back, we began walking. When we got back to the classroom, Louis was yelling at the teacher and asking her why she wasn't doing anything about what was happening. All the kids in the class were looking at their desks, some laughing, some looking like they were pissed at the world. "Guys... We need to find the auditorium. We have that public speaking in a few minutes.." They nodded. "Bring her with us.. I don't trust her being in here with this shit excuse for a teacher.." Zayn said. "I've been doing this for 20 years! And i'm certain you aren't allowed to speak like that here.. Mr. Malik." Zayn glared at her "Maybe if you did her job we wouldn't have to be here protecting a girl that was going to break down..." We walked out of the room, Caitlin beside me. I looked at her and she looked happy, not like she was 8 minutes ago. "The auditorium is right over here." She said pointing. She turned to walk away and i grabbed her arm. "Where are you going?" She gave me a strange look. "Back to class." She said, her voice breaking. I shook my head and dragged her into the the auditorium. She gave me a weird look "Liam, i can't be in here.. i wasn't even supposed to leave the classroom." "I'm not going to let you go back to that class where people judge you for nothing.." I looked past her and Zayn and Louis looked like they weren't going to let her either. "All Students to the Auditorium for a special announcement!" A few seconds later people were poring in and sitting down. Caitlin tensed up beside me. 

-1 Hour Later-

'And live while we're young' Zayn belted out the last lyrics.. The presentation dragged on forever then we had to do a couple songs off the new album for promo. All during the performance and speeches we gave, Caitlin was running through my mind. I'm tired of people hurting her. 

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