From the Bottom to the Top

Caitlin was your ordinary loser at school, constantly tormented by every other person who goes there. That all changes when One Direction come to their school to speak out about suicide and drug usage. The loser from the bottom climbs her way to the top when Liam Payne takes an interest....


6. New Day, New Experiences

**Guise i'm so sorry i haven't updated but all day today i've had a terrible cold.. But i'll do this chapter for you because i don't want you to think i've forgotten. xx**


I don't even remember coming back to the hotel yesterday.. or even ending up in a strange room.. I looked around. "Liam?" I called. He came walking through with a Burger King bag. "Got breakfast, babe." I nodded before grabbing the biscuit he was handing to me. I ate it and he looked at me before smirking. "What?" I asked grinning. "You look cute with bedhead." I groaned and covered my head with my blanket. Then a heavy object was on me. I uncovered my face and saw Liam straddling me. He had an evil grin on his face. "Liam?" He started tickling me. "LI-LIAMM!" I yelled through laughs. "STO-STOPP!" He pulled off and stood up beside the bed. I caught my breath before glaring at him. "Get dressed but make sure you get the bathing suit in your bag... You and Savannah are going to a certain place today i think you'll enjoy.." He left and i heaved myself off the bed. I got dressed and grabbed a bathing suit that i didn't even know i had. I went to the bathroom and tried to fix the bedhead. To no avail, i just ran the brush through it again and pulled it up. I walked out, bathing suit in hand, over to Liam who had on blue swim trunks, a grey t-shirt, sunglasses and sandals on. I whistled and he turned around. He turned red and i giggled. "Ready?" I nodded. He smiled at me and held his hand out. I entwined our fingers and he walked me to a waiting car. Savannah and Louis were already in there. "Hey!" Savannah said, I got in the car and she hugged me. I've gotten to know Savannah more and more the past few days and she's already like a sister to me. I sat down beside Liam and they put a blind fold on me and i'm assuming Savannah to because i heard her protesting about how she doesn't like not being able to see. "We're here!" I heard Liam say. He guided me out of the car and took my blind fold off. "Whirling Waters?!" I exclaimed. He nodded. "Happy Birthday!!" Oh yeah! I forgot it was my own birthday! I hugged Liam and kissed him. He smiled at me before entwining our fingers again. We walked towards the bathroom so I could put on my swim suit. When i came out Liam had his shirt off along with Louis and Savannah was already in her swim suit. I smiled at them and Liam pulled me onto his back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He put his hands under my knees, piggy back style. He walked over to a huge slide and we walked up the set of stairs to the top. "Safety tube or no?" Liam started laughing and i caught on to what he meant. I slapped his arm and started giggling. "Uh.. no thanks.. We'll go bare" I started laughing harder. He set me down and got behind me. We went down the slide and i clung onto Liam for dear life. He laughed at me and gripped my waist tighter. I leaned back on his chest and we entered the pool at the bottom of the slide. I came up laughing and Liam was just floating there. "Liam.. LIAM OH MY GOD HELP!" He came up and grabbed me. Savannah and Louis were running over when he swam to the top of the pool with me. "What happened? Are you guys Ok?!" I nodded. "Liam thought it would be funny to fake death in the pool." I glared at him but ended up laughing "Well I'm sunburned and ready to go home, yeah?" Louis asked. I nodded. We got out and each grabbed a towel from the back of the lounge chair. We hopped into the car and headed back to the hotel.

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