From the Bottom to the Top

Caitlin was your ordinary loser at school, constantly tormented by every other person who goes there. That all changes when One Direction come to their school to speak out about suicide and drug usage. The loser from the bottom climbs her way to the top when Liam Payne takes an interest....


5. Mall with a new Girlfriend



I groaned and rolled over, not feeling so well. I texted Liam:


Can't come to the pool...Sick :(

-Niall x

I rolled over and took anti-nauseating pills. I then took and hour long nap.

-1 Hour Later-

I was feeling much better, I got up and threw my shoes on, feeling hungry. I got the keys and drove to the McDonalds down the street. "Umm. A big mac is fine, thanks" I smiled at the cashier. "Hi Niall, how are you?" I turned around to the unfamiliar voice. A girl not much younger than me stood there smiling with a 'Future Mrs. Horan' T-shirt on. I blushed. "Uh good, yeah good just hungry." She giggled. "Can i get you something to eat?" I asked. She shook her head but i heard her stomach growl. I turned to the cashier. "Make that two please." She nodded and added it. "That will be $6.75" I handed her the money and turned back to the girl. "Whats your name, love?" I asked, Something about this girl made me want to know more about her. "Sarah." She smiled, dimples showing. "Here's your food sir." I grabbed the tray and walked to a booth in the back. She sat down across from me and began eating.I was just sitting here staring at her and she looked at me, I turned away, blushing. She giggled. "I have to go to the mall later with my friend. You can come if you want to." I nodded and began eating.

-30 minutes later-

Sarah was in my car with her friend and we're driving to the mall right now. When we pulled into the parking lot, I got out and opened her door for her. She blushed "Thanks" I nodded and put my arm over her shoulders and we all began walking towards the entrance. "So are you guys dating or..?" Her friend asked. We looked at each other for a second before i turned to her friend and nodded. Her friend hugged us. "Whats your name? I didn't catch it." "Samantha but call me Sammy." The first store we went in to was Hollister. Sammy ran for the t-shirts and Sarah went for the jeans. I followed her "Which do you like, Ni?" I looked at all of them and pointed out a few that would look better on her. She nodded "My thoughts exactly." When we were done shopping the girls went to check out and paid for their clothes. I love how she didn't even ask me to pay for her clothes... this one might be different.

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