From the Bottom to the Top

Caitlin was your ordinary loser at school, constantly tormented by every other person who goes there. That all changes when One Direction come to their school to speak out about suicide and drug usage. The loser from the bottom climbs her way to the top when Liam Payne takes an interest....


4. Day at the Pool


I sat on the lounge chair in my bathing suit, watching the new girl, Caitlin, with Liam. They look happy together... I turned to Kelly and Perrie. "Guys... what do you think of the new girl?" They looked at her and Liam as well. "I think they're good for each other.. I mean Liam looks like he's in another world.." (See that.. huh? huh? :D) Perrie said. I nodded and we looked at Kelly. She's asleep... I looked at Perrie and we had the same mischievous idea. I grabbed Kelly's arms and Perrie grabbed her legs. We lifted her easily and slowly walked to the pool. We swung her back and forth. "Guys... what are you doing.." Kelly said, eyes still closed. We slung her into the pool. "WHAT THE HELL!" She screamed as she resurfaced. We were doubled over, laughing. Caitlin and Liam were giggling at the other end of the pool. Louis and Zayn came out with food and sodas. Poor Nialler was sick today so he couldn't really come with us. Harry ran over and sat by Kelly, Liam by Caitlin, and so on.. basically all of us sitting by our boyfriends/soon-to-be-boyfriends. Louis and Zayn got us Burgers and Pepsi.. my favorite lunch. I began eating, as did everyone else. When we all finished we decided on going to a movie. "I want to see Wreck it Ralph" Liam whined. "But Breaking Dawn part 2 was so good!" I protested. "How about this... We all have separate dates.. then we can all watch one movie together." Zayn said. "How about Wreck It Ralph, Caitlin?" Liam asked and she blushed. "Sure." she said in a squeak.  I chuckled. "We can all go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 after the separate dates, agreed?" Everyone nodded. We ran up the steps to get dressed before meeting in the lobby. We got into the SUV and sat down in our seats. The drive to the theater was filled with the singing of Jason Reeves Save My Heart and Jason Mraz I'm Yours.


To think that this morning i was an ordinary loser still baffles me. Who would've thought I of all people would be going on a date with Liam Payne. He's super sweet along with funny and entertaining. We all started singing Songs.. Jason Mraz and Jason Reeves. When we pulled up there were loads of paparazzi and flashing cameras. How did they know we were coming?! Liam laced our fingers together. "Stay close and don't answer any questions, Ok?" I nodded and Savannah opened the door. Next came me, then Liam then the rest of the boys. Liam grabbed my hand again when we got out of the car and started pushing his way through. "Who's that Liam?!" "Is that your Girlfriend?" These made me blush, even the slightest idea of being Liam's is heaven. We finally made it inside and went our separate ways after buying tickets, popcorn and soda. 


* This is a bonus chapter for my friend cuz she texted me with "Ahhhhhh! More!" You know who you are ;D but anyways will update again later maybe.. this killed my boredom, yay me! xx *

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