From the Bottom to the Top

Caitlin was your ordinary loser at school, constantly tormented by every other person who goes there. That all changes when One Direction come to their school to speak out about suicide and drug usage. The loser from the bottom climbs her way to the top when Liam Payne takes an interest....


1. Another Day in Hell..



I got up for school and began my morning routine of Shower, Dress, Breakfast, Brush Teeth, School. My mom was in the kitchen preparing everyone's pancakes when i got out of the shower. I decided i was going to wear my usual Jeans, Graphic Tee, and Uggs. 1 More year of school and you can get out of here and go to college where you might ACTUALLY be accepted.. Hopefully. I walked downstairs and ate my breakfast before saying goodbye to my family and grabbing my keys. I walked out to my car, which was pretty nice considering i began saving money at a young age for god knows what. It was a purple Chevy Volt. I got in and started it up, beginning my 10 minute drive to hell. When i pulled up I got out to the usual "Ugly ass nerd" and "Loser" comments i usually got. I did the usual and hung my head down and began walking to my locker, getting some pushes. But then the worst person i could ever hope to run into appeared in front of me... Alyssa, The typical Captain of the Cheer team, idiot brunette that thinks she deserves the world and all the people in it. I just kept my head down, knowing speaking would only get me hurt. "Hey Caitlin... I didn't see you get here..." She spat"Look at me loser..." I kept my head down, too scared to look up. I felt a sharp pain in my back. Then seeing the all too familiar tiles on the floor. "Meet me after school... I don't think you understand your place here." She walked away, while her skank friends kicked me a couple times before reclaiming their places as her clones. I winced as i tried to stand up, grabbing on to two locker dials. Finally heaving myself up, I continued my walk of shame to my locker. I looked at it and felt the tears sting my eyes. Scratched into it were things like 'Loser' 'No life whore' and more terrible things that just made me want to break down. I opened up my locker and got my stuff and hurried to first period. I sat in my usual desk at the back. "Today we will be having 5 speakers coming to speak about drug usage... You may know them, you may not. But they are very charming boys. They are known as.. One Direction!" The girls in the class began screaming and crying. I held in my joy, afraid of the dirty looks and comments i would get for sharing my opinion. I smiled at my desk, keeping my head down.   "They will be arriving in about 10 minutes, so you guys can have free time until we head to the auditorium." I began drawing different sketches into my notebook when two familiar arms landed on my desk with a big thud noise. I glanced at the teacher and she was sitting there with her head phones in, reading a book. Just great. I thought. "Don't even think about sitting anywhere near the boys got it loser? They wouldn't want someone as ugly as you looking at them so do what you do best and stay at the back drawing in your little book." Jenny snapped at me. I began crying quietly to myself, not able to hold it anymore. Jenny started laughing at me before yanking me out of my seat. "This loser is crying... look at her. Just because i gave her a reality check on who and what she is.. How pathetic.." I tried to jerk myself out of her grip, hearing the laughter and nasty comments around me being made. "Leave her alone.." I heard, coming from the doorway. I looked up and there was One Direction standing at our door. My eyes were filled to the brim with tears at this point. Jenny let go of my arm and i grabbed my stuff and ran out the door. I ran to the restroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Seeing the flaws on myself, trying to understand what i did to deserve any of this... "Hello?" I heard in the same voice from the classroom. I tried to quiet my sobs, hoping he'll go away. "I know you're in here... just come out for a second please.."

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