A Thousand Cold Empty Shoes

After a recent trip to Auschwitz I was disgusted at what I witnessed and I have dedicated this poem in an attempt to portray the true horror of what went on in these concentration camps.


1. A Thousand Cold Empty Shoes

A thousand cold empty shoes
Bullied, battered and torn
Stolen from a cot and left to rot
Could they really have ever once been worn?

The rancid stench of death surrounds
The desperate cries imbedded in the wall
Humiliated and tortured, not fed or watered
Could authority really be so cruel?

Towers seeking on limp prey below
The harrowing chimneys smoking high
No dignity left, matter of life or death
Trenches where the piteous deceased lie

And from this tragedy we ought to learn
That mistreatment is not necessarily earnt
So embrace those who mean the most, hold them forever close
And never let your freedom be burnt

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