Changed MY Life

This is about a girl named Cassidy and she falls in love with this famous pop star. Will their love last? If it does what will happen?


3. We've Arrived

Cassidy's P.O.V



I was sleeping peacefully when I hear someone whisper in my ear, I ignored it and kept sleeping then I heard Louis say let me try and I got scared. “Waaaaaaaake uuuuup” he screamed. I got so scared that I almost peed my pants. I shot my head strait up “OH MY GOD I think you make me pee my pants, thanks a lot for the heart attack” I said. He started to crack up and I started to laugh a little. We got of the plane and I walked to the security place to get me out of the off boarding station. “Aren't you going to get your bags?” Harry asked. “my bags are already loaded in a car outside at the north parking lot” I said. “Why are they already loaded?” he asked. “Because I moved here so I'm not going back to America for like a year” I replied. “Oh cool than we'll be seeing more of each other” he said with a smirk. “Ya, I guess” I replied. “Cassidy do you want to walk with us to the parking lot were also on the north?” he said. “ Sure id love to” I said.

We got out of the check in thing and started to walk outside. There were already a crowd of fans and their were body guards around us. I was kind of scared of crowds so I started freaking out a little. “Do you want me to hold your hand” Harry said. “Sure” I said and grabbed his hand. We were walking and this girl pulled my hair and almost fell backwards, I almost cussed at her but I didn't want to look bad in front of Harry. “Ow! what was that for?” I said. Harry stopped and came to me. “Who are and why are you holding Harry's hand?”  the fan said. “What's going on here?” Harry asked. “She pulled my hair and I almost fell” I responded. “Lets just move on” he said and grabbed my hand and we kept walking. “Are you ok, our fans can be crazy at times?” he said. “Ya I'm fine, that really hurt” I said. “Do you want to come to my flat?” he asked. “Sure and then you could help me find an apartment” I said. “Ok I bet thats going to be fun” he said sarcastically. “Haha very funny” I said. We both laughed and went to the truck with my stuff in it. I told him Harry's address and he agreed to drive there.


Harry's P.O.V:



I asked her if she wanted to come to my flat and to my relief she said yes. I was happy she was coming over because thats when I could ask her out. I was kind of scared to ask her out but I knew I had to. I saw she went to tell the driver were to go and he nodded his head. She came back and took a seat on the passenger side. “Do you have a drivers license?”  I asked her. “Ya but its an American one tomorrow I'm going to get one for here” she said. It was about an hour from the airport to my flat so we talked the whole time about our family and life. I asked her about her mom and a smile turned into a frown.  “My mom died when I was young because of cancer so I lived with my dad” she said and quickly wiped away her tears. “Oh, sorry I asked” I said. “Its ok” she said.

We finally got to my flat and the driver truck driver left the truck at my flat and left handing Cassidy the keys. We went into my flat and her mouth dropped instantly. I giggled a little, “do you like it” I said. “Like it, I love it its so big” she said. “Ya its big because sometimes the boys decide to stay over and they like to have their own room” I said. “You could stay her until you find the right home if you like” I added. “Thank you, that would be lovely” she said. 


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