Changed MY Life

This is about a girl named Cassidy and she falls in love with this famous pop star. Will their love last? If it does what will happen?


2. On The Plane

Cassidy's P.O.V



I was in the plane and it was so crowded when I finally found my seat I sat down and settled in. I waited to see if anybody sat next to me but nobody did. I was looking around and I saw that a guy with glasses and a hoody sat down next to me.

“Everybody take your seats the planes about to take off” the flight attendant said through the speakers. I felt the plane lift off and I got a little scared but then it wasn't so bad. We were flying for an hour and I didn't say anything to the person next to me yet because I was thinking what to say. I turned to him and said “hi whats your name?” he turned to look at me and said “hi I'm Harry.” 'Harry' that sounds like a familiar name. “Whats yours?” he asked in his hot British accent. “Cassidy nice to meet you” I said. He smiled and turned away. Then he took of his glasses and I recognized him. He was Harry Styles from One Direction. I was so excited but I played it like I wasn't a big fan. I stared at him like he was an angel and turned away quickly before he thought I was a freak.



Harry's P.O.V:


I went on the plane and looked for my seat. It was next to this girl with beautiful blond hair and blue eyes, kind of like Niall's. I took my seat and didn't say anything. I felt the plane being lifted in the air and looked over to the girl and she looked so scared, but I didn't say anything. I turned away and looked at her again and saw she relaxed more.

After about an hour she looked at me and said “hi whats your name?” “Hi I'm Harry, whats yours?” I asked. She said Cassidy and I really liked that name.  Since she didn't freak out at my name I took off my glasses and she looked at me like I was and angel or something. She looked away quickly and looked out the window. She turned back to me and we started to talk about random things. We were talking and all of a sudden from the seat in front of us Louis turned around and asked “ hey Harry do you have any-” he stopped and looked at Cassidy. “ And who are you?” he said and winked at me? I saw she was blushing and I smiled. “Hi I'm Cassidy” she said. “And I'm Louis” he siad. “So Louis “what did you want?” I said. “I was going to ask if you had any gum?” Louis said. “Ya, here” I handed him a piece of gum and he turned around. “Sorry for the interruption” I said. “Its ok” she said. We stopped talking and she put her headphones on and rested her head on my shoulder. I rested my head on the head rester and closed my eyes. I knew we were landing in an hour so I didn't really go to sleep. 


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