Changed MY Life

This is about a girl named Cassidy and she falls in love with this famous pop star. Will their love last? If it does what will happen?


5. First Date

Cassidy's P.O.V



OMG! Is all I was thinking about when Harry kissed me. It was so amazing, hes so amazing. We pulled apart and gazing into each others eyes. “Will you go out with me” he asked? OMG I cant believe he just asked me that, I was so speechless. “Yes of course I'll go out with you” I said. “How about we go out tonight” he asked? “Ok, but were” I asked. “Well its going to be a surprise” he said. We walked down stairs hand in hand and when we got to the bottom to my surprise there were four bots sitting on his couch. We said our hellos and started talking. The boys said their girlfriends were coming over. I was kinda glad that I was going to be able to meet their girlfriends. I was also kinda nervous because I didn't know how they were going to be like. I asked Harry if he had any water and said it was in the kitchen. I got up and went to his fridge and found a bunch of food. I was still looking for that water until the door bell rang. I heard it open and then a couple of girls talking. I still couldn't find that water until I saw one was left all the way in the back. I got it and walked out of the kitchen. I saw the girls and they were actually all very pretty. I walked up to them and introduced myself. "Hi i'm Cassidy" I said. "Hi i'm  Eleanor" she said, she had brunette hair and was really pretty. "Hi i'm Danielle" she said, she had brunette hair and it was really curly. "And hi i'm Perrie, nice to meet you" she said, she had blond hair and pretty blue eyes.


Harry's P.O.V


When the boys told me the girls were coming over I was quite happy because they could help Cassidy get ready for our date. they got here and Introduced themselves. I new our date was in three hours so I asked the girls to help her get ready. They took her hand and went upstairs to get her ready. I stayed down stairs with the boys and they started asking me on how I got the courage to ask her out. I simply told them we kissed and I asked her out after. After that they told me to get get ready and I did. I got ready within ten minutes and went down stairs to wait for her to finish getting dressed. After I waited for about ten minutes she came out wearing this beautiful purple dress it was pretty simple and had a thin little silver belt just below her breasts.  I walked up to her and said "you look stunning." "you don't look so bad yourself either" she said. We giggled and I said "ready." "Ready" she replied. We walked out the door and drove of  to our first date.



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