I want my brother.

I'm trying to find him, my brother, I need him.


2. Not again

i was still crying. I heard sow one say dez so I slowly looked up. I got another txt from him again saying he was going too kill Louis. I got up and ran to the door. I was running really sat abs outlet pushing my self to the limit, aaaaand I tripped. Great. I looked behind me and there they were I got up and ran until someone pulled me down, but I was not louis nor Niall. Oh no. Not Greg. My abusev ex boyfriend.
Me: get off me! Let me go!

Greg: not till we Finnish what we started!

I never said no to him, this could end really badly. He threw a punch that knocked me out. I don't know what happens next.
Louis p.o.v.
I was woken up by someone Niall. He said dez was downstairs but when I looked at her she read something on her phone and ran, we ran after her she fell but we were still far tho the she was tackled and punched out we tackled the guy and took her back too the house...2 DAY AGO!!!

Dez p.o.v.
I woke up and was in a lot of pain and I as STARVING. I went down stars not really caring. I realized Iwas at Nialls. Me being me, I tripped down the stairs. Was laughing my ass off cause of how much pain I was in and I heard a bunch off feet running to me. I looked up and there they were.
Me: hey, sup?
Louis: you okay?
Me: hmm? Yea I'm fine? Ahahahah. *burst out laughing*
Louis: okay?
Me: m'kay so, I need to go! BYE!
I got up and ran to the door. When Louis grabbed my are and pulled me into a hug
Louis: I missed you dezarray
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