I want my brother.

I'm trying to find him, my brother, I need him.


1. Lost

I was 3 he was 5. I watch him on interviews. I dont think he rembers me. I remember him I am going looking for him. I know where he lives, London, I don't pay attention to any other of them, he'll I wouldn't be able to pick them out of a croud all I know is him. I ran away from 'home'. He beat me every day. I don't eat, I cut, I need my brother. I told my 'father' I was going to school. But I left, to find him. My brother. Louis Tomlinson.
My parents took me from home, they droped me off some where and left. Left me on the side of the road. No goodbye, just a beating.
------------------- present time------------------
I was in London I got tired so I sat down and fel asleep. Blackness.
I was being woken up from a nightmare, by a boy him. I realized who it was it was Louis I suddenly hugged him, and he hugged back, I looked at him and he looked confused
Louis: how are you here? Omy god dez I miss you so much. I love you.
Me: I ran away, from him, the evil man. I love you too. I need you I found you. This couldn't be any more perfect.
I suddenly woke up still on the ground, realizing I was dreaming. I curled up in to a little ball crying I felt someone kneel down in front of me tapping my shoulder. I loom up too see a face with the brightest blue eyes and blonde hair. He was cute looking full of sorrow.

Boy: are you okay? I'm Niall by the way.
Me: no, I'm looking for my brother. I ran away from the horrid man, and I dont know where to start looking.
Niall: here, come in you look famished.
I took his hand as he led me inside. The house was huge. I looked and we ended up in the kitchen. I took a seat on a stool on the bar counter.
Niall: what's your brothers name?
Me: Louis
Niall: last name?
He looked shocked at my answer
Me: omygod. Your not in a band with some other people that are British other than you?are you?
Niall: yes I am...Louis as in Louis Tomlinson?
Me: yes....
Niall: o my god. Dez? I'll be right back.
He ran up stairs, what could he be doing? I heard another voice and two people running down stairs. I got a text, from Brian, the man I lived with, I read the text and burst in to tears scared of what he said might happen. I don't want it to. I huddled in to me little ball and kept crying.
I heard whispering then I felt a tap on my shoulder.
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