New Life

This is a sequel to my fan fic New love :)


2. The New Baby


I rolled over in bed and groaned.

"Ill get her..." said Harry.

I said nothing cause I was already asleep again. Daisy was now 2 months old. She still kind of had a hard time sleeping all through the night. But her personality was starting to show. I could tell she was going to be just like me. She was such a funny little baby. And she was really outgoing for a 2 month old. That's what the doctor said.......

Harry came back in and slipped into bed with Daisy, the only way I knew was cause the side of the bed moved a little when Harry sat down and I could just sense this tiny presence next to me.


It was  now 8:00 last time she woke up was at 4:00..... she slept a whole 4 hours without me really noticing her. I slowly rolled over to her, and pulled her toward me. Harry later walked in holding a tray with a coffee, and toast, and eggs,... and a bottle for daisy.

Harry and I had been married now for 4 years and he was still! So sweet just like when we were young. He put down the tray and grabbed daisy and gave her, her bottle.

"Thanks.." I said still half asleep.

"Do you remember what is happening today?" asked Harry.

I froze..... I guess he could tell by my worried blank expression that I had NO clue.

"Hannah and madi are coming over." He reminded me.

"Oh.......that's today????" I said kind of annoyed because the apartment was a mess!

"Yes, but you can text them and see if they just want to meet for lunch or something." He said.

"Oh... good Idea." I said quickly grabbing my phone.


"Ok its set, 12:30 at the café down the street for lunch." I told Harry.

It was now...... 11:00.

Daisy had been sleeping so I hoped I could get ready fast enough incase she woke up.....But mothers luck....she woke up.

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