New Life

This is a sequel to my fan fic New love :)


3. Lunch

"Where's the baby? Where's the baby!!" Hannah said to daisy while playing peek a boo.

"Soooo...." Madi asked turning towards me.

"How are you?" She asked

I sighed.

"That pretty much sums it up..." Said Harry.

We all chuckled.

"Hhaha... but no... umm its different." I said.

"It was defiantly early. Earlier then we expected..... everything. Getting married..... Daisy.... everything. I still want to be a fun mom..... That's weird to say... haha.... I mean I want to be a mom with a social life. Not a mom that just sits at home and watches the kids." I said.

"KATIE..... you are 22....... not a 40 year old woman!! You still have a life! You can come over anytime and are always welcome to hang with me and Hannah!"Madi.

"Ya..... I know but I just don't want to leave Harry alone with Daisy." I said.

"HEY! I can do it!!" Said Harry almost sounding upset....

"Well I would be fine taking care of her any time if you and Harry want to go somewhere!!" Said Hannah really excitedly.

"Ummmm ya we can see that you like her.. you haven't stopped playing peek-a-boo with her ever since we got here." Said Madi.

"WEEEEELLLLLLL......" Said Hannah sticking out her left hand to reveal a silver ring with a diamond on it on her ring finger.

"OH MY GOD!!" I basically screamed in the cafe'

"CONGRATS!!" Madi said

"Ya, So im gonna need to get used to having a family now that me and Niall are getting married..." she said

"WOAH! Don't rush anything!" I told her.

"Ok....Mom.." She said teasing me



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