New Life

This is a sequel to my fan fic New love :)


4. Later that Day

Lunch had been nice. It was nice to get out. But I don't feel like my old self ever since I had Daisy. I feel..... older. More grown up. Which I get you need to be when you have a kid.... but Its kind of a bummer to be so... old feeling at 22.

"You know.... im kind of jealous of Hannah." I said turning my head to Harry as we were walking to the park pushing Daisy in her stroller.

"Why is that?" He said.

"Cause she gets to have a wedding and then go on adventures with her husband and then think about starting a family.... I feel.... ours was rushed. We were engaged at 18 for heaven sakes!!  Then we found out daisy was coming so I felt like we had to rush the wedding." I explained.

"Hey!" Harry said stopping.

"I would have been fine if we got married in a Chinese restaurant drive through! I just knew... I wanted to be with you." Harry said sweetly.

"But I feel bad... you are 23 and have to turn down your friends all the time just cause you think you need to stay home with me and daisy. You should be out with your friends." I told him.

"I would choose to be with my family over my friends any day!" Harry said.

"I love you harry... and I love daisy to DEATH! But I do miss our dating faze.... seeing you in school..... getting little notes in my locker from you..... getting little butterflies every single time I saw you! Feeling like a princess... because I knew you were my prince.... and everyone knew!" I said.. a little depressed.

"I know... but we are together. And that's all that matters. I will still give you notes and candy and once daisy gets older... we can go on dates, I just feel we need to be here... with her.. right now.. because she is so young." He said.

And he was right. WE needed to be here for her. She was so young... and we needed to help her. Our life had changed. I just needed to accept that. And deal with it.


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