Those boys!!

It's about one direction and you can comment to get an imagine with them! Just comment you're name age and which boy..


2. Running away

I got home from school and my dad was already high. He told me to get him a beer. I yelled back at him "you don't need any fucking beer!" I ran up to my room and locked my door. He came busting through the door! He threw me into the wall and threw a glass bottle at me.. It hit me in the arm were it cut me.. "You should have gotten me a beer! You lazy piece of shit!" And then he left.. I had to pack my bags. NO WAY I WANTED TO STAY HERE!!! So I grabbed everything I had and threw it in my bag. Then I jumped out of my window, hoping there was somewhere to go.. After that cruel beating I was hurting really bad!
Since I live in London there should be a lot of places I can go... I sit on the bench by Starbucks. When five very attractive boys come over to me.
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