A Carrot Won't Cover It

Everyone has up's and down's. Everyone's life is a rollercoaster. That's exactly Camryn Weaver's life. She had a bit of a rough childhood. But one kid was there to make it better for her. He was protective of her, sweet to her, treated her like his princess. But what a lot of people don't know is that this boy is the world famous Louis Tomlinson.

*Kind Of Based on a True Story. Camryn Weaver is a real person, A.K.A my bffe. :) *
The person in the photo is Camryn Alexis Weaver. (this was requested c:)


2. Trouble!

I walked in to the home of my grandmums home. Her house smelt different. And it's not a good kind of different. It usually smelt of cookies or something sweet, but now, just alchohal and cigarette smoke..

"Meema?" I project my voice. "What." she nags from the kitchen. "I'm here.." I say. "Come here then!" she says a bit rude. She's changed over the years. Ever since granddad died. I walk up to an old, wrinkly, chubby woman, smoking a cigarette in a gray tank top with gray hair. "How've ya been Meema.." I ask, worriedly. "Could be better." she smirks.

I smile weakily. The doorbell rings. I walk over excitedly, hoping it being Louis or, Josh, or Mariah. I open it, revealing Josh. "Hey hon!" I smile, hugging the muscular kid. "Damn, you look fit!" he eyes me up and down. "Your not so bad yourself! Where's Mariah?" I ask.

"Right here!" she smiles, holding a hand up, and putting it down, smiling. "Hey baby! You look fabulous!" I check her out. She's wearing a yellow tank top, jean capris, a pair of mocassins, and her blonde hair barely reaching her shoulders. "I'm really happy to see you!" she smiles. "Yeah.. me too." I doze off a bit.

"Shall, we, go on adventures like old times?" Josh suggests. "Of course!" I say. "Meema.." I start. "Go ahead.." she says. I felt a bit sick, because she'd usually start a war with me, and it made me forget about the fun.


"Oh my god! PUT THAT DOWN JOSH!" I scream at him as he trys to light a leaf on fire. "Stop! It's gonna make us warm!" he protests. "It's gonna kill everyone in it's path you dumbass, atlease know your leaves."  Mariah snags the leaf out of his hand. "Use that one." she hands him a green, oval shaped leaf. Mariah was smart with her nature. But, this one catches every thing on fire. Just, not this time.

"MARIAH!" I yell at her.

*Louis's P.O.V*

I was lying back in my chair, when I smelt smoke. I looked outside the door, and saw smoke rising from the forest. "Fucking teens." I mumbled to myself. I grabbed my phone, and dialed 911.


I decided to take a look for myself, I slipped on my Vans, and ran towards the smoke, in the warm English air.

I was about to enter the forest when I bumped into Josh. Figures. "You lit the damn forest on fire!?" I scream at him. "Actually it was Mariah." he points at her. "Mariah?" I ask her in disbelief. "Can't you.. hold.. oh.." a panting Camryn comes running into sights.

"Camyrn?" I ask. She nods, her cheeks red as blood. I stare at her for a moment, then, I begin to realize there is a tragedy going on. "L-let's get out of here then! What the bloody hell are we standing here for?" Camryn complains, walking past me, leaving me mesmerized.


The red trucks left out, as the cops come to us, to investigate. But Josh was lying his ass off.

"Ok, honestly, sir, we we're being rambunctious teens and we decided to light a leaf on fire, and I got nervous and threw it, and it caught everything on fire. That's the 110% truth." Camryn truthfully says. She's changed..

But I, liked it.. A LOT.


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